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Today was kind of a moody day all around, so I'm sure at this point it wasn't just me being overly sensitive. After work I came home and just curled up around my adorable waifu and passed out.

I thought I was good, but now I'm just sitting here getting more and more irritated every time my opens her mouth. All she talks about is Shawn and Stan and Shawn and Stan and Heather and jdslkfjsdf shitcock goddammit. And if I say something about how tired I am of hearing it, I'm the bad guy.

I'm just so sick of other people's drama, there's no reason that someone else's fuck up should be taking over my life. Goddamn, I seriously can't wait for this shitstorm to be over because I'm ready to explode over it. It's probably stressing me out more than it should, but when it's all my mom will talk about it's really hard to avoid.

blah blah blah blah blaaaaah.


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This is why we need to go out to Wal-Mart when you're up to it /o give you some away time~

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Okay. :(

After we go to the mall and look for those cups we can go. Or more like after we get home and I chill for a bit. Just don't let me forget to set an alarm for in the morning.
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Okay <33