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So glad this week is over. Now just to see if I can feel better over the weekend now. It's been nausea and headaches and all manner of other things. Blah blah blah blah.

Finished the final touches to game stuff, so have an ad under the cut. If anyone is interested we're taking reserves and applications now, if you know someone that might be interested feel free to pass the advert along.

Camp Candy

No, this is not a camp with John Candy as your counselor. Though sometimes, we could only dream it was just that. This place is just so much more, it's literally a candy paradise. Why have you been brought here? Who did it? These are things you'll wonder as you wake up to a gleaming laptop, communicator and a list of rules. Sure, you'll wake up in a candy cabin in a seemingly deserted camp, but the city is not too far away, and that's just a candy paradise as well.
Welcome home, wary traveler!

Camp Candy is a panfandom game that aims to create fun environment for all, focusing more on the lighter side of things and the fun that many players look to have when picking a game. We're not focused on perfection in playing, we believe that a game should be something that interests you and isn't a source for stress. That's not to say that we frown upon serious gameplay, we encourage all players to go with what feels right for them and their characters. It's about fun and character interaction, we just want people to enjoy themselves!

Gameplay is based in AIM chats/messengers, character journals, and logs on the main community.



And have some pokemon too.

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