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sfsjdlfjsdkjdsfdf. see icon, this face forever.

Last minute crunch, I can't remember if I've forgotten to pack anything at all or not. I still have one more day to pull things together and a million other things that need to be done as well.

I need to secure the rest of the decorations tomorrow, try to fix the grim reaper and actually set up the timers the way I was supposed to today. I think we're going to the aquarium with my nephews as well, but that still remains to be seen.

Didn't get my haircut like I wanted today, as it turned out someone was misinformed about the days that he would be in so it's looking like if he's not there tomorrow I'm not getting one before I do. Which would be absolutely wretched, considering that it's really getting so ridiculous to deal with. Today I didn't even bother putting product, despite it looking...strange.

Went to Wal-Mart and bought a few things. Some greatly needed socks, a couple of halloween themed shirts that I didn't need and cat food that we did need. Probably should have actually gotten the cat litter, but I think my mom can handle that this time around.

But stuff, stuff, stuff and things. I've also got to remember to see about checking in for the flight in advance, that way I can just head for the gate once I get there in the morning on Tuesday. Probably should make sure my mom is still actually going to take me too, I keep forgetting to ask and I'm pretty sure she was kidding when she told me that was too early in the morning for her to go. :|

just dslkfjsdklfjsdklfjsdlfjsdlfjsdlfkj. I should put a pain patch on my neck while I sleep, I'm all wound up and it hurts. aaaaaaaaa.


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