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So for the most part the appointment was a great success. The vet ended up shaving Cassie's side so that she could get a better look at her, it seems like a minor infection at the most. So two weeks of antibiotics this time, just like I hoped for in the first place. After that I can make the appointment for her to have her vaccinations done, which at that point I can take Sailor too. They both need them and they've already tacked on an extra fee from the city since I'm so late~. |DD And of course now Cassie is avoiding me like nothing else because they put one of those collars on her and I already gave her a dose of the antibiotics. I don't think she's very happy with me, but such is life.

So now just waiting for my mom to call me to see what's going on. If I'm lucky she'll call soon and we can go get something to eat. Or she'll make dinner. One or the other. She wants to go with my dad the week after next to visit a friend in Texas, so that might be good for her if she gets to go. Especially after the last couple of weeks.

I think whatever my bug was is finally gone. I'm feeling good aside from being terribly exhausted, although I suppose we'll see how that goes later. It seems to be later in the evening that I'm feeling it and I definitely don't want to speak too soon. In other news, I still don't have new sunglasses but I did have some delicious mashed potatoes last night. Maybe I'll see about begging for Chinese food later. Maybe, maybe~. +_+


SO. I get down to my mom's and one of the neighbors calls up crying. We go over there and it turns out she had fallen and ripped part of the skin off her arm. |DD We clean her up, bandage her and then come back. I'm thinking YAY, NOW MY MOM AND I CAN EAT THIS MACARONI AND CHEESE I WAS MAKING.

Hurhur. WRONG. Less than two minutes later the neighbor on the OTHER side calls up crying. My mom still has yet to come back. Somehow I can't bring myself to be concerned about that woman at all. She's the tackiest former crack whore to ever walk this earth and I really wish she would just VANISH. You think I'm saying these things just because I don't like her, don't you? WELL YOU'RE WRONG. :| She's even a former convict. Yes, this makes me very comfortable that she calls up my mom for everything. :D I swear, there's something about the house to the north of us that just pulls in drug addicts and crack whores. I know my mom is going to come back and tell me something serious is going on, but I know I still won't care. So instead I'll just have to pretend like I do. :|

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Tonight is the Rosary. I guess I should try to remember how to say Hail Mary or something. :| Maybe, just maybe.

Called the vet today to get Cassie in for an appointment. She's got little sores on her stomach now too that just aren't healing up properly, I suspect that Sailor has something to do with all of it. I noticed the way he was going after her the other night was a considerable amount more vicious than I'd seen. Not like I didn't know he was already a shithead though, I'm just usually half asleep when he goes after her and end up just throwing something in his general direction. So Friday we'll see what's up with her, hopefully they'll be able just to give her shots and give me some antibiotics for her. Hopefully it won't be anything that she needs more than that for...

In other news I find that I rather like Zombie Loan and I could just strangle [livejournal.com profile] faded_neko for insisting that I watch/read it. Lovingly, of course, lovingly. Perhaps tonight I'll tear through those raw scans since I'm already out of episodes. :| Yet another thing we'll see about, considering that I planned on organizing my movies yesterday and just never got around to it. Mostly because my cats were on my bed and looked entirely too comfortable to move.

There's other things that I'm worried about, but I suppose I'll have to wait and see about that too. If I think on it too much without knowing any details I'll end up coming up with worst-case scenarios and that's the last thing I should be doing.

I have a possible project in the works. I think I need to pull out a notebook too and jot down a few notes. Something, anything before I forget most of what I worked out in the drive down to my mom's.
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the disney meme

I like memes. :| I also just woke up from my nap. Chiropractor appointment was a great success, even if I didn't want to hear that I was so out of whack that one of my legs was an inch shorter than the other. |DDDD Now I'm just super sore and I can hardly move~.

I have to go back next week. :|
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Eye appointment = success.

My eyes finally got crappy enough to be the same power again. You have no idea how happy this makes me because it means that I only have to order one box of contacts at a time. :3  I'm going to wait on the glasses since I only wear them at home anyway.  New contacts are already on order and I hope they are fantastical and made of awesome.  Just like me. :D

After the appointment mom and I went to IHOP and we FEASTED! OH IT WAS A FEAST OF MIGHTY PROPORTIONS! Only you know, not. I had bacon and eggs and stuffed french toast. I also had way too much coffee.  So yeah, guess who's not going to back to sleep like she originally planned.  I'll give you a hint~!  It's not my mom. :c

So now I think I'll kick back and enjoy some games. Fun times.  Then perhaps later I'll take a nap~.

Or not. Seeing as I have some energy drinks sitting right next to me and calling my name. +_+

I think today will be a pleasant one, instead of that overwhelming feeling of CRAPPY that's been looming over my head. \o/


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