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Delicious meats!

At least I got some dinner out of all that nonsense today. Admittedly, I was probably more of a jerk about it this morning that I should have been but I really just didn't want to go. Though, I have to say I still found it interesting that my mom took my lack of enthusiasm personally and made a big stink about it.

Tomorrow might be a pretty awesome day, considering that I may end up having the house all to myself. If that's the case then I really might just sleep until I wake up and then spend the afternoon watching movies on the big screen. I'll keep my fingers crossed, because I really do enjoy having days where no one bothers me at all.

In a little bit here I think I might just go take a shower, I feel all gross from being out there.

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Guuuuh. It would be nice if I could stop coughing. It was fine most of the day and then just a little while ago it started up again with a vengeance. I'm trying the really lame mixture my mom suggested the other night, but it doesn't seem to be working so well this time around. Maybe I'll try an actual hot toddy or something to see if it soothes anything. At least it would taste better, based on the recipe I found.

Blah blah blah, stuff and things. I'm really sore tonight and I hate it, there's no reason for it.

Work was good, WanWan make the time go by faster toward the end with his nonstop talking. Not that it's a bad thing, but damn that boy is a motormouth sometimes.

I wish my mom wouldn't pick movies where the main theme is racial tension. They might be fantastic movies, but they just depress me. Though, it doesn't really make me want to watch when my mom wants to watch them but doesn't really pay attention. I shouldn't have to watch a movie I don't want to watch just to tell someone what people are saying. :|

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Ugh, rage of the day is over at the very least.

I'm hoping, anyway.

Almost made myself sick I got so pissed off about this and that, but I went out to look around at some stuff and calmed down quite a bit.

Still didn't make it down to the Spirit store, I just really didn't want to go all the way down there by myself. Half of the fun of the store is looking around with someone else. Maybe sometime this week, I'd really like to get there before everything is sold out.

Now to find something on tv. :| I'd really like to see some of the seasonal specials they put on the travel channel, but no one else really seems interested in the least bit.


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