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Only one more day before I can actually get the chance to sleep in, at least covering tomorrow will let me make up some of the hours I missed when I was sick. Though, I can't help but wish that it could have been another day that they needed me to cover, since working Friday and Saturday is going to be kind of a bitch. Today was already crazy busy because of the holiday weekend, tomorrow is bound to be even busier. But like I said, I need the money so I can finish playing catch up and actually work toward paying for the next trip. October still feels too far away, but you never know when something else might come up that could make the wait seem a little more tolerable.

I've been dreaming a lot, mostly really nice dreams that make me happy in that bittersweet sort of way. Amazing until you realize it's a dream, but despite that little bit of disappointment it still manages to leave me with a good feeling.

I think people are going a little crazy at work and I may have spoken too soon about some things. As soon as I voiced how glad I was that Chuy stopped asking me to dinner every day, he started up again and was even more annoyed/disappointed that my answer was no once again. On top of that Cong started calling me Sonialicious out of the blue, which just really makes me hope he's trying to find a nickname to irritate me. I'm also not quite sure how I feel about people focusing on my boobs so much all of a sudden too. :| It's like..they've been the same since I started working there, so why all of a sudden are people taking notice and making comments about them? IDEK.

I'm still a little wired from work I think, even though I took a nap and I'm pretty exhausted. Now I'm just waiting to crash out completely, hopefully it won't come to that though. For now though, it's the quest for something to drink! +_+
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I was taking notes at work about a lot of things that I wanted to write about, but there isn't much that I can actually make out at the moment. I wrote a little more messy than I normally do, mostly so my managers wouldn't pick my papers up and try to read them.

What I can make out are my thoughts about boobs. :|

Amazing that.

Whenever I'm at work, it's inevitable that at least FIVE really hot women will come in wearing low-cut shirts. I noticed on Thursday that I GAWK when I see the cleavage. Not only that, I usually end up winking at them as well. When I realized what I was doing I just stood there at my register with my mouth hanging open, finding myself rather concerned that they might notice the way I don't look them in the eye.

Then I thought to myself that if they didn't want people to look they wouldn't be dressing like that. :| Not to mention the fact that they all seem rather receptive when I lay on the charm. I suppose it's not such a bad thing, I imagine it makes me that much more memorable and they always leave with smiles on their faces~.

From my notes I can only get a few more words, none of which make sense. The highlight being the single word diaperman.  I'm also wondering what I was thinking when I wrote down lollipops on the top of the page.


Sugar Pie. Tatertots.

ihu and ilu at the same time. I should have never gotten curious and clicked the links you were sending.  I should have never watched those episodes. Not the first time or the second time. >:< 


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