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Fffff. I hate worrying over work shit.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know what a liar bossu waifu is. I'm definitely doing what I can to avoid confrontation with her again, but I really don't appreciate being told that something happened when it didn't. She does have a way of trying to twist things around and if this crap that came up today comes up again I'm definitely just going to tell her to look at the camera. I can't be held responsible for something that was never even given to me, that's all on her.

I just find myself extremely paranoid over the whole thing, like it's all part of some elaborate plot to oust me out of the store completely. I wouldn't put it past her, but in ultimately I'm pretty sure that she's too stupid to actually put what I have in mind together. So long as it doesn't come up again though, I'm totally fine.

They really did cut some hours out at work but with the way that my payments work out for this and that it shouldn't be anything that I can't handle. It's fine for now anyway, that way I don't end up getting so burned out like I was getting. I think that was where I was heading when I snapped at work that day.

I'm really looking forward to October more and more, it'll be nice to get away again. I honestly did start looking into school again, but I really would have to save up a lot to at least get things set up. All of the schools I've looked at have really high tuition for out of state students, but it seems that the courses I'm interested in are so much more accessible in other places than they are here. :| 

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I swear the last few nights have been riddled with nothing but weird dreams.

In this most recent one I was working at a grocery store and Jason Segel was my bossu. :| There was a bathroom there that was kind of creepy, so every time he had to go to the bathroom he would make it a point to come and find me so that he wouldn't have to be in there alone. He also kept throwing parties in his office for all of these really tall people, I only caught glimpses inside because well, I wasn't tall enough to go in.

Then there were so many people that I knew from my current job and from high school working there that it was strange, some of them were people I haven't thought about in years. Bossu waifu was working there too and at one point I was going down the stairs and she just...ambushed me from the back and started giving me a hickey. Which I totally didn't appreciate, but she was still my bossu so what was I going to do? I just had to stand there as a couple of people came up the stairs and just stared, there's me trying to usher them up the steps before she saw them and freaked out. In the end she had her success and I was totally pissed.

So anyway there's this moment where Jason is asking me to go with him into the bathroom again and I was like UGH I have this hickey on my neck that I really don't want him to see, but he sees it anyway and kind of gets this sad face over it and I was like djskldfjd dammit bossu waifu, you made Jason Segel sad face. DX 

Then I woke up. I'm pretty sure...that whole last bit had to do with the fact that I marathoned some Vampire Knight before I went to bed, but I'm really questioning my casting ablilties. :|

We're having family times tonight, I'm not looking forward to it. I still have to shower and get dressed so we can go to the store and pick up a few things for it. There's a glass on my desk that's vibrating everytime I type a word and it sounds like a very noisy little cricket.
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Pfffft. So much for going to work again today.

Got too dizzy and almost slipped in the shower.  I ended up calling bossu at the last minute, only to find out that bossu waifu has been out all week too.

Love that woman to death, but if I find out she's been having the same symptoms as I am I'm going to strangle her. :| 


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