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I really did mean to go to bed an hour or so ago, but it just didn't happen. The call of photoshop and finishing off a new icon set was just too strong in the end.  I'll sleep for a few hours and then I think today might be a cleaning day, especially since my allergies are really acting up.

Tonight or tomorrow I really need to head out to the mall to see about jobs. I've been meaning to go, it just hasn't happened yet.  The day before yesterday I made it to my mom's for a little bit before the migraine just really started kicking my ass again.  Oh well, my body was terribly out of whack last week anyway so in the end I wasn't really too surprised by it.

Just been keeping myself busy and trying not to think too hard. My head feels like it's just full of mush, it would be fine if I could get the wooden spoon out.  But with it sitting there, I can't help but be compelled to stir it. Brain stew.  If I get too overzealous it might start leaking out my ears and then where would I be?  Brainless and hungry, I suppose.

Now that my thoughts have wandered that far, I would say that it really is time to sleep...


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