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Clarity is a wonderful thing.

Sometimes it comes so easily to you and others it's just far too elusive. When it hits though, it's usually such a bittersweet feeling. It's been coming in little spurts, sometimes just a bit more painful than I would like. But is there really any sort of growth that doesn't come with even a miniscule amount of pain?

There are things that I've been holding onto for so long, things that I wonder how I ever had any hope for in the first place. Years that I've spent with the same thoughts bouncing around in my head despite all the fighting that I've done to try and suppress them.

This has been months in the making and will probably take a lot more time still...

But I think it's time to let go.

I think there's something else that I should probably address, but I'm still in that stage. The delicious stage of denial that manages to overshadow how nice the clarity could be. Everything always seems to move in such a vicious cycle, you almost wonder if it's really worth it to try or even hope...

If there wasn't a bit of conflict now and then, things would be terribly boring, wouldn't they?

It takes some good to make it hurt, it takes some bad for satisfaction~.


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