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Yay for amusing conversation time. :|

So my mom was making labels for some business cards. Things to advertise the jewelry she makes for when she and dad are actually on the road. The only problem was that she misspelled jewelry and necklaces.

Me: Mom, you need to know that you spelled 'jewelry' wrong.
Mom: Oh? How did I spell it?
Me: Jewlery.
Mom: Huh...
Me: And necklaces.
Mom: What did I do there?
Me: Necklesses...
Mom: Shit...
Me: I gotta be honest mom, I see these mistakes and the only image that comes to mind is you selling neck-less Rabbis out of the back of your truck...
Mom: .......I hate you.

She also misspelled 'gooseneck' but that's beside the point.

Still feeling sick today, but definitely better than yesterday. \o/ At least the irritation in my throat isn't anywhere near as bad as it was yesterday.

In other news I think I'm getting closer to convincing my mom to get me a new computer. She actually asked today without being prompted how much it would cost each month if we went through their financing. This is a good sign~.


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