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Interesting how some of the simplest things can set a person off, but really I don't find myself surprised in the least bit.  Just one wrong thing written or said, etc...  Not really aimed at anything in particular, just a passing thought.

The mood was off again tonight, but I managed to counter it for the most part. GREAT SUCCESS. Or something like that.  Now if only this pesky cough would go away. I wouldn't mind so much if I were actually coughing stuff up, but it's just that annoying little tickle that makes laughing something of a chore. That and trying to sleep. 

There's plans to go down to my mom's again today. I vaguely remember her telling me there was something that she wanted done but I wasn't really listening when she called me.  Maybe that's because she called me 6 times throughout the day and never really seemed to have anything terribly important to say. |3~



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