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Well, my old desk chair was still out in the backyard at my mom's and all it needed was to have new fabric put over the top of the cushion.  I got it done and now my hands are killing me. :| Go figure, something to fix the issues with my back and I had to screw up my hands to make it work.

My parents and I went to dinner earlier which was good for the most part. Aside from my dad making some pretty nasty comments about everything that's going on with Mac. My mom offered to let Becky use the truck for when they need to clear out Mac's apartment and he asked when she would need it, Wednesday or Thursday. My mom and I just kind of stared at him before we both told him that they were probably going to wait until she had actually passed on. He was really quiet for a moment and then said this:

"She's not going to make it any way, why not just get it over with?"

I swear I almost hit him in the face, instead I went into the bathroom to take a moment or two. It was just ridiculous. I mean, I know that I can come off as being pretty callous sometimes, but even I'm better than that.

While we were at the hospital earlier my mom started crying and laughing after someone sang 'Jesus Loves Me'. I wasn't exactly sure why until she told a story to everyone that she hadn't even told me before. Apparently a week or so before my grandma died she was singing it in her sleep. Now the thing about  my grandma is that she used to talk in her sleep all the time and if you asked her questions she would answer. So my mom asked her what she was doing and she responds. She told my mom that she was trying to teach me the gospel. Yes, up until the very end my grandma thought I was a heathen. :3 I found it rather amusing and it was kind of neat to hear a story like that. I'm quite sure that wherever she is right now she's still shaking her head in that disapproving way. I'm still a heathen and I still wear black most of the time~.

I think that's really all that I needed to get out, now it's time to go and rest my hands. That way I can actually use them tomorrow. That and I'll never hear the end of it if I don't~. ❤


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