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I'm sure I had stuff to write about.

Work was good, save for the fact that the meeting this morning revealed that we're going to have a child oriented section in the produce department to 'get kids excited about food'. I seem to recall being very excited about food when I was little, so I don't see how this is something that will actually serve any purpose other than giving me a headache. I already know how it's going to turn out. People will be like OH HEY CUTE THINGS FOR KIDS! Then they'll tell their kids to stay put and play and then just wander off.

The customer service desk will become a joyless place because it'll be like working in a damn daycare.

Have I mentioned that I hate kids? I probably have. And if I haven't, then I hate kids. Now you know.

My elbow still hurts a lot, I forgot to take my bandage with me to wrap it today and then in the ultimate move of intelligence I lifted heavy boxes because I didn't want to wait for someone to get them out of my way. YAY ME! 

Thinking about games and apps and stuff and trying to come up with more plans and wonders and cucumbers and shit and blah blah blah. My arm hurts. I need to take something for it and lay down. So...totally shutting up now. :|

Also YAY ARTICUNO. Trying for Cresselia next. +_+



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