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So last week in an effort to stay a little warmer at night I switched the way that I set up my bed, moving my pillows down where I usually had my feet.

Since then I've been dreaming every night, some of them just a little wackier than others. Most of them I can't even remember, but last night was one of the more special ones. I dreamed that [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction and I were hanging out with a friend, I don't even remember who the friend was but that's not really important. She went off to do something else, so I took the opportunity to get snuggly on the couch because I could and I wanted to be comfortable and then this couple just comes at us out of nowhere.

All of a sudden this blond woman has a broken broomstick to my chest and she's trying to stake me, yelling over and over THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH! XO Then it was less about me being gay and she was acting more like I was a vampire, so I wasn't quite sure why she was trying to stake me in the first place, but then it really did turn out that it was because I was so gay.

Anyway, after that she backed off and all of a sudden we were having to explain what happened to all these little black children what had happened. Even though I wasn't even really sure what was going on. And that's when I woke up because my manager was calling to 'remind' me about the meeting she had never told me we were having in the first place.

The day at work was mostly good, save for the creepy guys that made it a point to ask every single girl in the vicinity of the customer service desk what would be best to help with their sex lives. They were really something I could have done without. At least I managed to escape before they tried to get too personal with me, I thank god that my bladder decided it couldn't hold out any longer. Too bad they made Tanya feel like she had to huddle behind the desk to get away from them. It just made it more difficult because they were...polite in a creepy way? I don't even know how to explain it.

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Sometimes it's really nice just to have time on my own. Got to wake up when I was ready to wake up, then I spent the afternoon watching instamovies on the wii in the den.

Only downside today was the fact that I wasn't able to fix the fan on my extra computer. It's been making this godawful noise when it starts working, to the point that I just can't use it the computer is vibrating so much. I tried cleaning it out, making sure there wasn't anything stuck in there but it just keeps on making the noise. I figure it's about time to get another one though, considering how old it was when I got it.

Maybe I'll get another one when I have a little more money, but we'll see. For right now I'll settle for not having a stationary computer and just move around the one that usually stays on the desk. Only downside is that I'll more than likely have to use the touchpad all the time, but at least I can still have the computer with me when I'm in the other rooms.

I think I was dreaming about Disneyworld, but I can't really recall. I think there were zombies too, but that's nothing new.

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Man, I woke up from the craziest dream this morning. The whole thing was like a really awesome episode of Doctor Who only I was the Doctor and well...there were people that were like singing zombies. My companions were also dressed like Batman and Robin, I'm really not sure where that one came from.

For now though, I'm just enjoying some movie time and the fact that it's been raining like crazy. I really enjoy days like this, the smell in the air is just so nice and when I'm home I can just enjoy it that much more fully.

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I swear, sometimes I wonder where my nightmares come from.

This time I woke up with a start because I was trying to look up words in the dictionary but I couldn't find them. I was really upset because I totally knew they existed.

In other news, now that the switch back to the customer service desk had been made my life at work feels a lot less stressful. It's only the first week though, so I don't know what's to come but hopefully it stays this way.

Even better? It's storming like crazy out and I love it. It's something that really just made my day and I kind of want it to continue on for the rest of it.
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Only one more day before I can actually get the chance to sleep in, at least covering tomorrow will let me make up some of the hours I missed when I was sick. Though, I can't help but wish that it could have been another day that they needed me to cover, since working Friday and Saturday is going to be kind of a bitch. Today was already crazy busy because of the holiday weekend, tomorrow is bound to be even busier. But like I said, I need the money so I can finish playing catch up and actually work toward paying for the next trip. October still feels too far away, but you never know when something else might come up that could make the wait seem a little more tolerable.

I've been dreaming a lot, mostly really nice dreams that make me happy in that bittersweet sort of way. Amazing until you realize it's a dream, but despite that little bit of disappointment it still manages to leave me with a good feeling.

I think people are going a little crazy at work and I may have spoken too soon about some things. As soon as I voiced how glad I was that Chuy stopped asking me to dinner every day, he started up again and was even more annoyed/disappointed that my answer was no once again. On top of that Cong started calling me Sonialicious out of the blue, which just really makes me hope he's trying to find a nickname to irritate me. I'm also not quite sure how I feel about people focusing on my boobs so much all of a sudden too. :| It's like..they've been the same since I started working there, so why all of a sudden are people taking notice and making comments about them? IDEK.

I'm still a little wired from work I think, even though I took a nap and I'm pretty exhausted. Now I'm just waiting to crash out completely, hopefully it won't come to that though. For now though, it's the quest for something to drink! +_+
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Despite crippling pain most of the day, it turned out to be better than I would have expected. A generally relaxed sort of day at work, even though I feel like I got a lot done. I bought some soup mix that I want to make tomorrow night for dinner, Potato Leek. Really simple, but it sounded so delicious and I just really wanted it. 

A-and then, then I came home to a package. I was so stoked to see that my wig for my Elliot cosplay had arrived. I still need to try and style it some, but the colour is just so slkdfjfsdf perfect  and the cut of it...I really don't feel like I have to do much with it at all. *^* I need to decide just what I'm going to do as a second cosplay, if anything at all and I still have some minor alterations to make to Elliot's stuff too. 

Just about two weeks left to plan and stuff and s;dlkfdsfjdslkfj. So much left to do, it seems like. I did get my new schedule for work today, at least for the next week, anyway. Gained a few extra hours AND made it to where I could go in a little later. Maybe I'll be able to actually sleep the right amount, though I seem to be back to the bad habit of getting four hours or less and still managing to function.

The dreams this week have been....extra special, not in a funny sense but in a...well, I'm not quite sure how I feel about them, honestly. I guess it's not all that important, not unless they keep going the way they have been. 
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I swear the last few nights have been riddled with nothing but weird dreams.

In this most recent one I was working at a grocery store and Jason Segel was my bossu. :| There was a bathroom there that was kind of creepy, so every time he had to go to the bathroom he would make it a point to come and find me so that he wouldn't have to be in there alone. He also kept throwing parties in his office for all of these really tall people, I only caught glimpses inside because well, I wasn't tall enough to go in.

Then there were so many people that I knew from my current job and from high school working there that it was strange, some of them were people I haven't thought about in years. Bossu waifu was working there too and at one point I was going down the stairs and she just...ambushed me from the back and started giving me a hickey. Which I totally didn't appreciate, but she was still my bossu so what was I going to do? I just had to stand there as a couple of people came up the stairs and just stared, there's me trying to usher them up the steps before she saw them and freaked out. In the end she had her success and I was totally pissed.

So anyway there's this moment where Jason is asking me to go with him into the bathroom again and I was like UGH I have this hickey on my neck that I really don't want him to see, but he sees it anyway and kind of gets this sad face over it and I was like djskldfjd dammit bossu waifu, you made Jason Segel sad face. DX 

Then I woke up. I'm pretty sure...that whole last bit had to do with the fact that I marathoned some Vampire Knight before I went to bed, but I'm really questioning my casting ablilties. :|

We're having family times tonight, I'm not looking forward to it. I still have to shower and get dressed so we can go to the store and pick up a few things for it. There's a glass on my desk that's vibrating everytime I type a word and it sounds like a very noisy little cricket.
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I really hate dreams like that, the ones that should make me feel all happy and warm and squishy inside.  Sure that happy feeling is there for those first waking moments, but after lucidity kicks back in it's just a reminder of what I don't have or how impossible it might be to actually get it.

I know I'm being entirely too hopeful this time, but for some reason I can't bring myself to stop. It's funny, the way that there's never a happy medium. I either don't want it or I want it so much it hurts.

There was some thought on actually talking it out, but I'm still too much of a coward about it and it isn't as if that would even be a guarantee....

So as usual, I'll just take what I can get and try to be grateful for it, that's really the best way to handle this in the long run. 
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I was dreaming about something amazing, I think and then my stupid alarm had to go off. >:<

For some reason I'm  not excited at all about going to work today, but I need the money and I desperately need my paycheck.

Now a meme that I've already seen a few times on my flist. I should respond to some of the others, but I'll do that when I get home.

Tell me something. Post it anonymously.

A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love: anything you want.
Something about you, something about me, anything at all.

Be sure to post honestly. Post as many times as you want.

I totally don't expect much. It's more something to possibly entertain me at work. idk. Sometimes I get the chance to check my e-mail. :| 

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When I went down for a nap earlier I asked for my dreams to give me something I could use.


You gave me something that made absolutely no sense.  The only thing I got out of it all was waking up with an incredibly awkward feeling and rather confused.

I still want Chinese food.
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Funny the things that pop into your dreams when you're sick.  Though in this case it's more about the fact that people I haven't thought of in years made guest appearances in the most recent one.  I can't really say it was a bad dream or that it was entirely unwelcome, but I woke up thinking too hard.  I do find it a little discouraging that certain things seem to be so easy for my dream self.  I think if I could have held onto a little more aside from people's faces and the general premise of the dream, something would end up being a ton easier on me than it is at the moment.

It's so easy to be wonderfully eloquent when you don't have to worry about nerves or reactions or looking someone in the face.  I keep going over the things that should be said, everything that should be added all at once and trying to gauge responses.  I'm obsessing and overthinking, just like I usually do.  I don't think I would be having an issue if I could come up with the words, but there's a problem with everything that I manage to come up with.

They aren't my words.  I'll catch myself in the middle of a thought, realizing that it's borrowed from a song or some other source.  Not a surprise when I associate nearly everything with a song, but annoying none the less.  I'm beginning to think that going over things in my head isn't enough, I think I'm going to have to break out a piece of paper and start writing it out.

At least I'm feeling a little better today, that's something.  Perhaps there's hope for work tomorrow after all. +_+  I really would like to be able to do my job without having to strain myself just to talk.  Though I suppose if it comes down to it I could always request to stock or something...

Which reminds me that I still need to grab some boxes from work.  I'll be lucky if I remember that when I wake up tomorrow, though.

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Two fucked up dreams in one night, certainly not what I was hoping for at all. There was the idle thought of actually trying to go out again tonight, but I'm not so sure how that's going to work.  I suppose that still remains to be seen, I might feel a little better after work.

Maybe, maybe...
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Lazy day was super lazy. \o/

I was supposed to do some laundry but I never got around to it, perhaps tomorrow night. Or Sunday. Any night but tonight, I'm just totally not feeling it. I didn't do anything aside from lay around and stare at the ceiling, listening to music. I would have to say it's the best day that I've had in a while. A day of nothing but total relaxation. 

I slept on and off, maybe got five hours tops? For the most part I'm glad to say that my dreams are back to normal.  There was only one that I remember being strange, probably one of the weirdest ones I've had in a long time. I was dreaming that I worked at a pawn shop like my brother's, but it was owned by Billy Ray Cyrus and at the end of the day he rode off on a shitty motorcycle and forgot to give me my paycheck. +_+d

Tomorrow I have to work again, I would be a little more upset if I didn't need the money.  Hopefully Larry won't be a total douchewaffle and he'll be able to keep himself focused on his actual job for more than ten minutes at a time.  Truthfully that's what set me off the last time, so I'd rather not fly into one of those murderous rages again.  I put in two more applications this morning while I wasn't sleeping, though I have to say that my motivation was for all the wrong reasons.  Oh well, I suppose something had to motivate me a bit more so it can't really be all that bad.
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I hate migraines and I hate some of my dreams even more.  Especially when they make me think too much, not that I haven't been doing that already but things like that just have a tendency to make it harder. Oh well, oh well~~~.

The end. Shut up.  Despite it all I'm in a pretty fantastic mood, at least in comparison to the last couple of weeks. We'll see how that holds out later on in the day~.

I'm going back to beeeeeeeeeed. +_+

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It's becoming a pattern. Every other night I just go without sleeping at all. I'm really kind of getting tired of it, today especially because I really am exhausted.

Then the whole thirty minutes that I did sleep there was nothing but a really weird dream. I woke up sweating and I'm not sure if it's because it was so hot or if the dream freaked me out that much.  I can't remember much, but I was in some class and I was fascinated by the teacher and he only checked his e-mail when I asked him to. Well, he wrote some kind of recommendation for me and the people were trying to call, right?  But for whatever reason my mom hadn't paid the phone bill so they just kept getting an error message. So for some reason, I tried to call her from her house phone and ask why she hadn't paid it. Except it sounded like someone else was on the line. And the someone else on the line sounded just like me, but all they were saying was:


Just making noise and shit. :|  So my mom was like 'STOP MAKING THAT NOISE!' D:<   And I was distraught because I was sure that I wasn't making that noise but even I knew that it sounded like me, so I just started yelling and crying 'That isn't me!' over and over again.  Then I woke up. :<

So I went and got myself some popsicles and turned on the fan. I'll cool off for a little bit before I try to sleep again.

I also think I might watch Moonwalker as well. :|



Sleepy to the point of nausea and dizzy. WTF body, wtf. :|

However, watching Moonwalker did remind me that I have always been in love with synchronization. Guh. ❤
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I just woke up from the weirdest fucking dream I've had in a very long time.

It leads me to believe that maybe people were right and I did have a crush on that teacher. :| How strange that I would dream about him so many years after graduation.

Guh, I just feel weird. And if I think about it, it wasn't even that strange of a dream. If I go by dream standards, it was actually kind of normal.

I'm making a sandwich and going back to bed.


This is the most amazing conversation I will have ALL day. I thought about cutting it, just in case people were offended by the words PENIS and BONER, but then I changed my mind. :|


Char: Oh god the next one's gold
Char: Develop your peni5 with infinite inches with the best theraputics. Go directly to wowsize.com and penetrate the meritorious theraputics on the market
Akio: meritorious. XD
Akio: Maybe she's extreme masochist! D:
Char: be really awkward at work D:
Char: "What's that long fleshy thing going out the window D:" "Oh, sorry D: my penis is infinitely long."
Akio: XDDD
Char: You might hit a star or something with that. I mean, it can't curve or anything so. D:
Char: I just hope the thing wouldn't snap off D':
Akio: D:
Akio: Just one day...
Akio: They would get a boner and it would just fall right off. D: DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH!
Char: We have some interesting conversations, you know that? :|
Akio: XD
Akio: What are you talking about? This isn't normal? :|
Char: =| ah, it's normal enough.
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I love the smell of  epic fail in the morning. Not mine of course, but other people's. Always a source of great entertainment~.

I ended up getting so sleepy that I passed out on the keyboard early last night and I didn't even close half of my windows that were up. Or get completely undressed, I just keeled over with my glasses in my hand.  It was nice to get some sleep, I just wish my body would allow me to get more than six hours at a time. I've been awake for a while now and it just won't let me get back to that state.

I was having a nice dream too...

For once. It wasn't weird or a nightmare, just a dream. Though, I suppose given the content there are some that could argue, but we won't really get into that~.

Time for attempt number two~.


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