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Not being able to sleep when I'm exhausted is so much do not want.

I think my issue it that I'm still annoyed over a million different things and I don't know how to fix a single one of them.  So instead of a real  entry you get a LIST. A VERY COLOURFUL LIST~ \o/

I want sleeeeeep.
I want a sandwich from Dion's.
I guess I am moving home, but when I'm not sure.  I just decided I wasn't packing before my birthday.
I don't want to go to Gallup again this weekend, but I know I should.
I hate my burned out headlight bulb that magically started working after I fucked up my hand trying to change it.
I feel very limited about a certain something and it's really frustrating.  I thought talking about it would help clear that up for me, but apparently not.
I want MOAR vicodin for my hand. :|  Srsly, this taking 8-10 ibuprofen at a time is not very cost efficient or helpful.

I think that's all I have to say right now. And again with the attempt to sleep~


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