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Today was kind of a shit day.

I spent most of it at work not even wanting to be there or even really wanting to do much of anything. I slept fine, I don't feel sick, even my song practice in the car was extremely lackluster and disappointing.

Even at lunch I didn't even really feel like eating, even though I could feel that my body was going to rebel if I didn't. I did manage to force down an apple and some rice though, so that's good at least.

just some rp whining; nothing spectacular and totally skippable )

Anyway, I have bigger and better things to look forward to, now if the end of the week would just come a little more quickly.

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Yes, this was the highlight of my day at work. I swear sometimes I live for tasteless humour.

Someone also called today and their name showed up as "TU MAMA" on the caller ID. I laughed heartily, mostly because I know it wasn't meant in that way.

I was so exhausted today, I'm really hoping it won't turn out like that again tomorrow. It took forever for me to fall asleep, even though I wasn't feeling well and I was ridiculously tired.

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One body rebellion for another. STORY OF MY LIFE. Exhausted and in pain and all I want to do is sleep for a little bit, but when I passed out on the couch I got complained at for missing a name on a television show. |D

We're closing up the pool today and at one point one of the valves got turned around so it wasn't draining the way it was supposed to. My mom is convinced I was the one that turned it around, but I don't even remember doing it so who knows. :| I cried ghosties and my mom just stared at me like I was a crazy person, which was probably the only way to respond.

Got the retarded digital boxes from Comcast and tried to set them up on Friday, but the large box for the den wouldn't connect right. I've had it unplugged for two days so I guess I could try it again, but we're also scheduled to have someone come out and take a look at it so I'm not sure what I want to do. All I know is that pulling the big tv out to get at all the connections isn't too difficult, but still a pain in the ass.

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Ugggggh. My head hurts so bad and not a thing is touching it. I really would have liked to come home and take a nap right away, but my mom wanted to go and look at new recliners for her office. In the end we didn't find anything for her, so it was a little disappointing to push through all of that with no result.

I really was tempted just to stay home today, but I pushed through it. Had a couple of firsts at work today. One being a man that was so rude that I didn't even know how I should deal with him. Me trying to answer his question should not have gotten my head taken off and being told flat out that he wasn't talking to me. And a second try prompted the response from him that he still wasn't talking to me, he was talking to the woman behind the desk next to me. At any rate, it was like one extreme to the other, I helped a young man find some kombu and he got so excited when I offered to show him where it was that he called me a Goddess. Twice.

Bossu and Cindy called me into her office at one point during the day, the setup actually had me a little worried over what was going on but in the end I guess it turned out all right. They've decided to move me again so that I spend two days at the customer service desk and at least two days in the gift shop. The gift shop I don't mind so much, only that time might go by a little more slowly than I would like. At least I'll be able to have access to a radio and I won't really have to deal with too many obnoxious customers. I think they'll probably change it back quickly enough, at least I hope as much. What I really want this to be for them is a learning experience, a chance to see just how much I do for them at the front desk. The last couple of weeks I've been off three days in a row and on Monday I come back to a disaster area. We'll see how it all goes though, at the very least it's a chance for me to do something that I might like a little better. Plus I'll get a chance just to hang out with all the Sanrio stuff we have back there.

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I was really looking forward to the weekend. Work was shit this week and my mom knew that I had a meltdown in front of people yesterday.

Sure I got to sleep in today.

But now she's going fucking insane. She won't listen to me when I explain what happened with the credit card charges and acts like I was saying that I wasn't going to pay for any of it. She wants to start doing EXTREME cleaning RIGHT NOW because I'll have a guest here in...three weeks? What the fuck, mom? Three weeks is plenty of time to get everything done, do we really have to shine and oil the goddamn kitchen cupboards? Do I really need to clean my carpet today? All that's going to happen is that it's going to get dirty before the sixth and there will be another mad rush to clean it AGAIN.

Fuck man, I really needed today just to chill, but I guess that's just too much to ask.


Whoops. Totally forgot that when she's in moods like this I have to pretend like I don't have feelings. Let me load up my robot program. :| 


I'm making cheese fries. All is right with the world again.
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Long day was long.

I still think seven am shouldn't exist at all, that's just way too fucking early to get up and actually be functional for a meeting. Which is why I didn't get up at seven and slept that extra twenty five minutes. Even then I was still dragging when I got there, yawning and rubbing my eyes as I tried to pretend like I cared what was being said. :|

In addition to that exhaustion, I felt sick almost all day. Hot and cold sweats, nausea, slight headache and good god did my legs hurt. I even opted to skip lunch so that I could leave early to come home and rest for a bit before I had to do anything else.

The one important observation that I made, there are very few places at work that would be safe in the event of a zombie attack. Maybe the offices upstairs, because there's always food and the thought of throwing zombies over the rails seems really satisfying for some reason. The doors are sturdy, you'd just have to find a way to make sure that the glass is reinforced enough. I think it's bulletproof anyway, but that doesn't mean anything when you have a mob of hungry zombies pounding on the door.

Now, I'm going to take a nap. :|
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I guess I was a lot more exhausted than I realized.  About 7:30 I crashed out on the couch for about an hour until I finally gave up and just decided to go take a nap. Two hours was the plan and then I learned a valuable lesson.

When planning a nap that's supposed to span from 8:30 to 10:30, setting the alarm doesn't do any good unless you actually turn it on. :| 

So basically I slept from 7:30 to midnight and didn't get anything accomplished that I planned on tonight.

And now...I've only been up for 4.5 hours and I'm already exhausted again. wtf, body? Really? Really?

At least the rest of the day was good, even if a little hectic toward the end of my shift.  Went and got a haircut as soon as I got home, so I felt a little more human which was nice. +_+ I like the way this new lady cuts my hair, but she's really strange and doesn't really know how to shut up. 

I'll have to see in two weeks how I feel about my hair though, decide whether I'm going to need another cut before the trip. It might be a good idea, just to make things easier as far as maintenance goes.

And now, I think I've stayed up as long as I possibly can. I think it's time to crash. Again. :| 

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The day was mixed, at least the end was nicer than the beginning. +_+

Nancy from Goya, you can choke on a dick and die for all I care. Snotty damn bitch.

In other news, I've been in some killer hip pain the last two days. So bad today that I almost threw up. Probably time to make another appointment with the chiropractor, but I can't be arsed to find the time. It'll work itself out soon enough.

Mom's got all these plans for the weekend already, too bad I'm really not interested in any of it. She's harping on about me having to go to church for communion again, I'm just too fucking tired to fight with her about it. She knows how I feel about it when people get pushy over religion, but then she wants me to 'respect' what she believes in. Not once did I disrespect it or say a bad word over the subject, I would think me going when I don't feel it's beneficial and I can hardly stay away would be MORE respectful than anything. Damned if I do and damned if I don't though, so yeah, really just not going to argue with her. Just suck it up and come home and take a nap when it's all said and done.   :| 

Speaking of naps...it's time for one since I feel like I still want to punch someone in the throat. It's just been one of those weeks. I know things will look better after I wake up.
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Today I was scanning invoices and we got one from Vincent Tea Company. It made me think of you because I'm a dork. Also, you'll be pleased to know that I did NOT slump over the pile of papers on my desk and take a nap. You were right, it would have been a very, very, very bad idea. The end. :3

In other news, I'm super exhausted. +_+ I guess that happens when you spend two days vomiting and not eating. I probably should have made more of an effort to eat more at lunch, but I was a little too worried about it all coming right back up. And of course, they waited until the day after recovering to tell me that I was going to be part of the new internal advertisements at the store. :| 

So now I'm going to be on camera all shiny and happy with my eyes looking totally out of focus and dark circles under them. The Disney lady appreciated my enthusiasm at least and bossu waifu just wanted me to say hello in ALL the languages since no one else was putting forth any energy. OH WELL. I checked the mirror after they recorded me and was satisfied enough, I'm just glad I felt like doing my hair this morning when I dragged myself out of bed.

The highlights of my day were nearly choking on rice at lunch because the always wonderful [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction  made me laugh too hard and finding that invoice that made me think of the equally awesome [livejournal.com profile] cavalcanti

Now...now I think I need a nap. +_+
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That felt like one of the longest nights in the history of ever.  I am definitely planning on a nap when I get home from work tonight.  A nice two hour nap.  Possibly three hours, I suppose we'll see.

I need to go to Sally's tomorrow or Monday for another bleach treatment, hair is still not light enough for the toner to take.  Right now the strip is a little too yellow blond for my tastes...

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The sleep I got wasn't nearly enough to get rid of the headache I went to bed with. It probably didn't help that my cat was whining from five am until I got up.

Here's to hoping all of this is finished quickly so I can come home and take a nap.


Back and everything went well enough. I was so tired by the time we got out of there I was starting to feel a little punch drunk. At one point in the waiting room I thought about yelling BALLS at the top of my lungs to see if everyone would shut up for just ten seconds. So much chatter. D|  There was a woman sitting across from me that I could hear OVER my headphones, she kept repeating herself over and over. "I think it's a springer spaniel. Yes, definitely a springer spaniel." She said it four times and I wanted to slap her in the stupid face.

This is why I can't get up early. >:< I feel even more hostile toward the general population than I do on a normal day.

Dad decided after that he wanted to stop and get mexican food. I almost fell asleep at the table before we ordered, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to land face first in that basket full of sharp tortilla chips. Next time I'll be the one to tell him no, because actually going into a restaurant is difficult for my mom right now. I don't care how many wheelchair ramps a place has, the inside is almost NEVER made to be wheelchair accessible.

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Good to know that the cat didn't bust my wireless card when he knocked the spare laptop off the desk that time. I was beginning to wonder if maybe he had since I can't get the wireless to work at home at  all, I'll probably have to invest in a new wireless router in the end.  Not that it's all that important. The only reason I want it to work is so that I could sit in the den with my parents and be on the net at the same time.

I have papers just covered in notes, things that I wanted to talk about or thought were important at the time and now I just don't have the patience to remember it all. There are a few things that really stand out but even now I don't think I feel like making a totally in depth entry. All I really want right now is for them to finish up with my mom's knee so that I can take her home and get a nap in.  They just barely took her back a little while ago, so I've probably got at least another hour of sitting around in this completely uncomfortable chair.

I'm glad to say that I'm feeling a considerable amount better than I was the other day.  The headache finally went away and I was able to calm down some.  Sunday was another crappy day, I think, but it wasn't nearly as bad as Saturday.  I can still feel all of it rolling around in the back of my head though, the urge to just jab a fork into someone's eye. Or something equally violent.  On top of the rage there's been plenty of other thoughts going through my mind, none that I haven't had to deal with before. Just things that keep coming and coming and coming, I think at this point I don't ever expect them to go away. The other day I agreed with someone about something, but the more I think about it I'm not sure I should have passed any sort of judgment. Not when I'm just as bad.

I think maybe I'll play a game.
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This has not been my best day ever.

Sick sick sick and stressed.  Mostly because of work, I'm sure.

And now that I've taken a giant ibuprofen, I'm going to bed. When I first got my schedule for work I wasn't too terribly pleased that I only got one shift, but right now I'm extremely happy about it. /o/
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Sleeping soundly and then coughing fit! DX

Today felt terribly long and I wasn't able to focus worth shit.  I'm damn lucky I actually finished the project I was given at work.  I think a majority of it was the fact that I was preoccupied all day, wrestling with the idea of doing something.  In the end I decided it was better to just leave things as they were tonight.  It's something that needs to be handled before I work on Tuesday, which doesn't really give me much time.  I have a feeling that tomorrow night would be best, it's just a matter of motivating myself to put a plan into action.  Even now as I sit here and think about it all I can feel my chest tightening up and I can already tell that I'll be looking for a million reasons not to blahblahblah.

But at the same time I know I don't want another day like today.

It's times like this I realize just how much of a coward I can be.  

Balls. :|
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With all the sleep that I got I would have thought today would be BETTER. Oh how wrong I was~. Now I'm up at eight in the morning and miserable. I can't even hardly breath I'm so stuffed up and my throat is so swollen and raw that I can't hardly breath without pain. I may call my mom later to see if she can get the doctor to call in a prescription for some antibiotics for her and then see if she'll bring it to me. I guess we'll see about that...

UGH UGH UGH. Now I'm coughing stuff up too. DX !!!!!! FUCK. Everything else I can handle with a bit of a whine but when that happens just..ugh. I'm taking another dose of that medicine that made me so tired and crawling back into bed. Hopefully I'll feel up to being out of bed for longer than five minutes after this dose. :<

God this fuckin' sucks. I had stuff I wanted to icon too. D:< FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. I really hope I'm feeling a lot better by tomorrow. Mom wanted to go get our haircut and then Saturday I have to work again. I guess a day of rest and we'll see. Now back to bed.

I hate my dreams when I'm this sick. >:[


And I officially can't talk without straining myself~. \o/ I think it's time to head for the store and pick up some soup or something. +_+
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S-so tired....  D|

I made myself stay up until I was falling asleep in my chair again, to see if I could get some proper sleep and try to readjust my schedule.  As soon as I laid down my body didn't want the sleep anymore. GO FIGURE. \o/

In other news, I think I actually uncovered the mystery behind my recent wave of sickness. We'll see how the rest of today goes and if that helps to clear things up. Hopefully, hopefully~. I would really like most of it to go away, the rest I'm so used to that it hardly matters anymore. So for now I think I'll just do some more reading and hope that I'll be able to go down soon.

Now it's just to decide WHAT to read. Maybe finish my reread of things or actually start that book I have sitting over there. Who knows, who knows. All I know is that I see a strong dose of painkillers in my future if my arms don't stop hurting like they are. Feels like someone's pulling them apart from the inside~.


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