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Decent day, the mood is pretty high right now even if I'm spacing every now and then. We did some of the decorations in the front yard and then my mom and I went out to buy a rice cooker for the wedding that we're supposed to go to tomorrow.  I'm not really looking forward to it, but at least I'll have another day off.

Sunday I need to take in a bunch of stuff to help decorate my booth for the store event on Halloween. I'm so excited about all of it, even if it's going to be a little cheesy. I need to make a few adjustments to my costume so that it'll be wearable at work. No one will really understand what it is, but that's totally fine with me. All that's necessary is that I' m happy with it and I have fun. 

Interesting conversation was had at the lunch table, my youngest nephew trying to tell me what I was going to want to do with myself later on in life as far as relationships go. I almost choked on my food when he just just asked me very matter of factly whether I was a lesbian. I thought my mom was going to die laughing and I really just sat there and stared at him for a good long while. Then I just stared at my mom when she proceeded to tell my nephew that I was confused. I really had to bite back a laugh when the discussion went even more in depth and I realized that my family sees me as completely asexual.

I want nachos. Like, good nachos. :| 

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I really hate it when my mom goes into 'purging' mode.

I've only been up for ten minutes and I've already heard 'do you need this' and 'do you have a reason to keep this' a million times.  She's under the impression that she'll be doing a yard sale next weekend and I can already hear the complaints afterward about how people want to get something for nothing.

I've been feeling more and more drained the last few days, thinking too much maybe. It's been happening too often lately...
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This morning was not the most awesome morning ever. But then, I'm not really a morning person.

My mom burst into my room at eleven this morning to get me up. I wish I could say I wasn't being totally serious about that, too. Her throwing open the door so hard that I woke up with a start, knocked things off my desk while trying to catch it so that I wouldn't fall out of my bed and hurt myself.  Then there was the demand that I make breakfast and the great debate as to whether my dad was going to have one of the waffles I was making.  He pissed me off, so I spit in his. I wish I could say I was kidding about tha--

Okay, I would be a liar if I said anything else.  Refuse food after I make the effort, crazy old man.

After breakfast I sat there at the table to finish my tea and then came the great cleaning! And by cleaning I mean me washing my sheets and putting my DVDs back in the proper order. I swear, every time my mom comes in and decides to try and clean for me she puts them back wrong. There were DS games stuck in with the tv boxsets and animations tucked away in the horror section. I was not a happy camper finding Goodburger up on the top shelf next to Prince of Darkness. B|

Anyway. Cleaned. Took pictures. If I could finish uploading all these suckers I could give a VIRTUAL TOUR of my room.  Let's work on that. It's something to do at least. Something that's not more vacuuming or dusting. :|


And now I'm really hungry. HUNGRY AS A ZOMBIE!

They could bring my pizza any time now and I would be happy. c:

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I've been up for around fifteen minutes.

I've already heard the words 'fuck' and 'asshole'. I'm so amused.

This can only mean that the day will get better. /o/ 

At least I hope as much.

Mom has physical therapy at 1:30 and then we have an appointment to get an estimate on my car at 3:00.

I'm hoping to be able to stop by the world market and see if they're hiring by any chance. If anything it would be a completely new experience if I could get something there, but we'll see.  I just remember that they only have paper applications, nothing online.  I finally finished one last night, I would have finished two if firefox hadn't been freezing every time I clicked on something. Then by the time I actually got it to cooperate my application had timed out and of course I didn't make a restart code. Bawwwwwww.

I'm feeling a little off again, but perhaps that's the stress talking. As usual a lot of it hits all at once, but it can't really be helped.

For now, though, it's time to SHOWER. +_+


...my mom and I just had a brief conversation about the penis and how I thought it was ugly as sin. I...just don't even know. |DDD
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Fufufu~ The storm earlier was amazing. Rain, lightning, thunder, the whole thing. I don't even think it was that windy, I just wish I could have been able to spend a little more time actually being outside in it. Either way it was incredibly refreshing and probably something that I really did need to perk me up just a bit.

Only two days into the week and I already felt worn out. I have a feeling it's just going to get worse too, but oh well. Tomorrow my mom has an appointment for her knee and then I'm apparently supposed to teach the boys how to clean the pool. Not my idea of fun, but if it means I won't have to do it all the goddamn time then I'm game. I actually managed to score three days of work this week instead of just two, maybe that stupid cunt of a manager finally got over her stupid fit. I think I really would have liked to stick with the closing shifts, but it's fine. The opening shift means that I get more hours in the end. At least I'm still closing on wednesday and thursday, so long as we're not there late getting up on friday shouldn't be an issue. Then again, if I've got enough caffeine things usually end up working out just fine.

There's other stuff I'm sure I could write about but that would require so much more thought and might actually put a damper on my mood. It's decent now, so I definitely don't want to spoil that.
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Ate way too much and now I'm really tired. >:< 

At least the injury count for today isn't as bad as the last family gathering. I'm hoping it can stay as it is, at least for a few hours. Thus far I've only been shoved into a wall and stabbed with a fork twice. Granted that was my fault because I told my brother forks were for stabbing and he decided to test that. :|

After that was a grand joke from my mom about how I'd been forked today. Oh god how I laughed. |D

Every one kept commenting on how grumpy I was and I had to tell them several times that I wasn't before they finally believed me. The conclusion was that my good mood was still grumpy and a lot more violent than my bad moods. /o/

Now I just want to take a nap. Or maybe have another beer since I like those as much as I like naps. +_+
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The sleep I got wasn't nearly enough to get rid of the headache I went to bed with. It probably didn't help that my cat was whining from five am until I got up.

Here's to hoping all of this is finished quickly so I can come home and take a nap.


Back and everything went well enough. I was so tired by the time we got out of there I was starting to feel a little punch drunk. At one point in the waiting room I thought about yelling BALLS at the top of my lungs to see if everyone would shut up for just ten seconds. So much chatter. D|  There was a woman sitting across from me that I could hear OVER my headphones, she kept repeating herself over and over. "I think it's a springer spaniel. Yes, definitely a springer spaniel." She said it four times and I wanted to slap her in the stupid face.

This is why I can't get up early. >:< I feel even more hostile toward the general population than I do on a normal day.

Dad decided after that he wanted to stop and get mexican food. I almost fell asleep at the table before we ordered, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to land face first in that basket full of sharp tortilla chips. Next time I'll be the one to tell him no, because actually going into a restaurant is difficult for my mom right now. I don't care how many wheelchair ramps a place has, the inside is almost NEVER made to be wheelchair accessible.

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Good to know that the cat didn't bust my wireless card when he knocked the spare laptop off the desk that time. I was beginning to wonder if maybe he had since I can't get the wireless to work at home at  all, I'll probably have to invest in a new wireless router in the end.  Not that it's all that important. The only reason I want it to work is so that I could sit in the den with my parents and be on the net at the same time.

I have papers just covered in notes, things that I wanted to talk about or thought were important at the time and now I just don't have the patience to remember it all. There are a few things that really stand out but even now I don't think I feel like making a totally in depth entry. All I really want right now is for them to finish up with my mom's knee so that I can take her home and get a nap in.  They just barely took her back a little while ago, so I've probably got at least another hour of sitting around in this completely uncomfortable chair.

I'm glad to say that I'm feeling a considerable amount better than I was the other day.  The headache finally went away and I was able to calm down some.  Sunday was another crappy day, I think, but it wasn't nearly as bad as Saturday.  I can still feel all of it rolling around in the back of my head though, the urge to just jab a fork into someone's eye. Or something equally violent.  On top of the rage there's been plenty of other thoughts going through my mind, none that I haven't had to deal with before. Just things that keep coming and coming and coming, I think at this point I don't ever expect them to go away. The other day I agreed with someone about something, but the more I think about it I'm not sure I should have passed any sort of judgment. Not when I'm just as bad.

I think maybe I'll play a game.
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I'd like to be reclining in the den, but some little asshole is in my seat and won't get out of it, gdit.

In other news I was amused that when I got in the car the first song that came on my ipod was White Rabbit. It made me think of Sugar Pie and Kaji-chan~. Thus far it's been the highlight of my day. /o/  Though, it did remind me that there are a few things I would like to finish reading. Huhuhu.

Now I'm going to go back out into the den and try to reclaim my seat. Even if it means having to throw up on the little shit to do it.
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Hahahaha. I am so fucking mature.

The television keeps talking about all of the inaugural balls that people are throwing tomorrow and I couldn't help but start laughing my ass off because of the excessive use of the word BALLS.  It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if the woman hadn't said something along the lines of 'there have never been so many balls lined up'. Oh god, it hurtssss.

Work totally sucked, more so than normal because it was the first time I'd been out other than to get something to eat.  I don't have to work again until Friday, so I guess that's okay.  Payday on Thursday, thankfully.  I think I might just wait until I work to get it, that way I can drop by the bank right after and actually hand my check over to a teller instead of having to use the ATM. 

I have a whole list of things to do before the week is out and no idea where I'm going to start.  I know where I should start, but I feel those nerves kicking in again.  Last night the very thought of all of it made it almost impossible for me to get to sleep, but I finally made it.  Truly the entirety of my focus should be put on getting completely well, knowing me I'll just end up tossing that to the wayside.  Right now all I care about is the fact that I'm able to move around and function like a normal human being. /o/

For now I think it's time to walk away from the computer and go back to working on finishing up the sketches that I started today.  I'm actually getting closer to finishing up some tattoo designs that I may actually use sometime in the near future.  Near future referring to a time that I actually have enough money to spend on something extra.  And provided that I don't chicken out like I usually do when I want to do something like this.

Tomorrow I am totally having an awesome egg and cheese quesadilla.  Then there's the chance that I'll have to go visit my nephew at the hospital, but that depends on whether they end up discharging him early or not.  I think it's safe to say that they'll hold him until late afternoon, but then I've only talked to him on the phone. +_+

Yeah, walking away now...

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Exhausted again, though I would have so say pleasantly so.  The day didn't turn out half bad.

Mom had to take dad to the doctor when I first got over there, so I just watched part of a movie before I had to go pick up my nephew from my brother's house.  Ended up back at mom's to finish up my movie before Chris and I were dragged to Hastings to find movies to rent for Christmas day.  Things went well up until the end of the trip, when the guy that was checking us out spent the entire transaction talking to a stupid cunt at the end of the register.


Ended up back at my mom's after that and then there was a glorious trip to the grocery store.  I can't really remember much after that, other than the fact that we went to Sally's and I got more hair-dye.  FRESHLY DYED HAIR IS SO AMAZING AND MAKES ME HAPPY! /o/  There was talk of actually going to get haircuts tomorrow, so I'm really hoping that goes the way I want it to.  Then I'll have freshly dyed and cut hair.  I need to deposit my check in the morning before I go too, seeing as I owe my mom some for the help I got with gifts.  Plus there's a few more people I might want to get something for, it's just a matter of when I might see them.  I suppose a late gift is better than nothing at all though, in the end it's really more the thought that counts.  At least that's the way I feel about it.  But for now I'm going to finish up laundry and then wander off to bed.  We'll see if I can actually get through the whole night without waking up four or five times.  I had one day last week where I was able to pull it off, but lately it's been getting really bad again.

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 I have a really bad case of the hiccups. :|  The day has been good for the most part, not too much to complain about for once.  EXCEPT FOR HICCUPS. D:<  Other than that, it's pretty much been running around and doing some stuff with my mom. +_+  Spaghetti and cupcakes, such healthy foods I've ingested today.  Well, at least the pomegranate tea was good for me. 

Now I'm just camped out at my mom's computer, since she's going to be stuck on the phone for a long while. At least sitting and listening to her end of the conversation is mildly entertaining.  Though, a nap is sounding better every minute that I sit here.  A nap or just chilling on her couch with my headphones on, I might do one or the other.  Or just go home, I could do that too. Completely unrelated, have a meme because I'm horribly bored and need something to distract me from this terrible affliction. B|

If you saw me in the back of a police car, what would you think I was arrested for?

Answer me, then post this in your own journal to see how many different crimes you get accused of committing.

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Maaaaaaaa. +_+

I can't decide if I want to stab something, set something on fire or punch someone in the face. Maybe I want to do all of them, I'm not really sure at this point.

Work is work. I've got my fair share of complaints but nothing really worth noting other than I work with a bunch of kids that have the brains of cockroaches. They don't seem to understand that when you're at work you're supposed to work.  Dumbasses fucked around too much and then we all had to stay an hour after to clean up. Oh well, now is story time. There was a family that came in to buy Halloween stuff and they bought a couple of ninja swords. I was scanning the rest of their stuff and looking down at one of them when I realized that it had actual words in Japanese. Not just words. Complete thoughts.  The first one?


I shit you not. And if I remember correctly the last bit said something about listening to your mother, but I've had a raging headache since 7pm. 

Mom called yesterday to ask me to check in on the animals after work tonight because apparently she and my dad were going to El Paso.  Real nice of her to call me and tell me that they went and then came right back.  I called her twice during the day to see where they were because I get worried when I don't hear from them and they're supposed to be traveling.  I get there after work, see that all the vehicles are there and go inside anyway. I made sure that I woke up my mom as well.  Granted I could have done it in a better way, but I was annoyed, so I just stood in the doorway silently until she woke up and freaked out. When I asked her why she didn't call me back to let me know what was going on her response was that she couldn't because I was at work. Sorry mom, that excuse doesn't fly. I've got voicemail, she could have left me one just like she did before.

dslkjdkdfj. Still feeling retardedly annoyed and rather apathetic toward most things but I didn't expect that to fade any time soon. Not when it's been going on for so much longer than I've let on.  The thing that set me off most recently was something stupid anyway, at least that's what I'll claim for the time being. Oh well, oh well. I was really looking forward to just chilling tonight and staying up a little later since I have the day off tomorrow, but the only distractions I had kind of fell through. At this point I can't think of much else that I want to do aside from going to bed and I might just do that. Who knows, who knows~. /o/

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There's absolutely no reason for the mood I'm in.  Things seemed to be going well when I got up, but now I'm not exactly sure. Oh well, guess there's nothing to be done about it now.  Maybe it's just one of those nights or maybe it's the fact that I'm hungry, who really knows. I certanly don't, maybe it'll be better if I just go to bed now. I'm not really all that tired, but it really can't hurt anything. Either way I'll probably still feel a little crappy, but if I can sleep then that would definitely be a plus.

Tomorrow I have an interview at Party City, hopefully that'll go well enough. +_+ It'd really be nice, even if it's something temporary~. Then I'm supposed to call my brother after I learn anything from that, my mom said something about him wanting me to house-sit for him at some point. The only issue would be getting out there, not that I would mind all that much. It would just be a little more time to myself, in the end. I suppose we'll see about that too, he mentioned something about November so it could be doable.
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In other news, I got a lot less sleep than I planned to. I think I'm going to have to take a nap at some point while I'm down here or possibly skip out early so that I can try for a little bit more sleep. Who knows, who knows~. I still have more cleaning in my room to do before I'll be completely satisfied, but that really isn't going to take too long I don't think. An hour at the most, though I suppose it depends on how motivated I am. D|

In other news, one of these things is not like the other. I love it when that happens, it's always something of great amusement. :3

I thought about doing that meme that's been going around, but in the end I decided against it. |D It was interesting and fun to look at the things that pertained to me, but really I think it would have been more than any of you would have wanted to know.  Oh well, you already know how awesome I am, what I do or what I've done doesn't really matter much. Or something. I think I'm too tired for thinking.  >:|

I think mom wanted to go to the jewelry store, but I'm not sure if we're going to make it or not. It would be fine with me if we waited until Monday or something, but I guess I won't complain too much if she does try to drag me out.  Even if I would much rather just crash on the couch for a few hours...
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Long Entry Is Long. :| )



You Make My Day Meme

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award in no particular order. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own (unless you've already done it).


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Five minutes late because I couldn't find it. FAIL. >:[

In other news, I just spent 30 minutes talking to my brother about ringtones and how much his sucks because you can't hear it. :|






Other interesting facts from the day thus far:

 ♦  A very nice, but strange, lady told me I was prettier than a bear.

♦  3/4 of the people that have come in today probably don't even OWN deodorant.  Suddenly I'm so happy that I made myself late finding mine.

♦ An elderly gentleman jokingly offered me his wallet and anything I wanted out of it. He also called me a 'cute little chicken' and asked my brother if he could take me with him. :|  A strange one, that one, even if he was nice.

♦  Apparently in idiot-land when someone walks up and asks me if I'm busy and I say 'NO' they actually take it to mean 'YES'. STRANGE CUSTOMS.

♦ According to Mark I am now known as SUPAA-SUPAA-TOUGH. :| I'm not sure how I feel about this, even if it does make me laugh too hard every time he says it. |D 


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Still, I'll oblige just because I'm fucking hungry too. :| 
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Tonight is the Rosary. I guess I should try to remember how to say Hail Mary or something. :| Maybe, just maybe.

Called the vet today to get Cassie in for an appointment. She's got little sores on her stomach now too that just aren't healing up properly, I suspect that Sailor has something to do with all of it. I noticed the way he was going after her the other night was a considerable amount more vicious than I'd seen. Not like I didn't know he was already a shithead though, I'm just usually half asleep when he goes after her and end up just throwing something in his general direction. So Friday we'll see what's up with her, hopefully they'll be able just to give her shots and give me some antibiotics for her. Hopefully it won't be anything that she needs more than that for...

In other news I find that I rather like Zombie Loan and I could just strangle [livejournal.com profile] faded_neko for insisting that I watch/read it. Lovingly, of course, lovingly. Perhaps tonight I'll tear through those raw scans since I'm already out of episodes. :| Yet another thing we'll see about, considering that I planned on organizing my movies yesterday and just never got around to it. Mostly because my cats were on my bed and looked entirely too comfortable to move.

There's other things that I'm worried about, but I suppose I'll have to wait and see about that too. If I think on it too much without knowing any details I'll end up coming up with worst-case scenarios and that's the last thing I should be doing.

I have a possible project in the works. I think I need to pull out a notebook too and jot down a few notes. Something, anything before I forget most of what I worked out in the drive down to my mom's.
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Stuff and things, stuff and things~.

Again with some of those thoughts that I feel like I can't really discuss with anyone else. They come and go from time to time, so I suppose the best thing for me to do is to just let them out in a vague sort of way. Nothing too serious, I guess. Nothing that changes the way things are or how smoothly they seem to be running...

So I guess I'll just shove them back like I usually do until something makes them surface again.

The rosary for Mac is set for Tuesday night and the mass is on Wednesday morning. No news on whether they still expect me to sing for them or not. I wish I knew, that way I could make sure to avoid anything that might cause performance problems.

Clearly my brain isn't functioning properly, seeing as all I could think about right there was the innuendo that could have been behind it. Or maybe it's functioning too well. I guess it could go either way depending on who might be looking at it.

But now it that time. The time to attempt laying down since it seems like body failure is imminent~.


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