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Day full of stuff. Some good and some bad. I think I did too much, running around all over the place after just barely feeling more like myself. Now I just feel awful again and don't want to do anything other than sit or sleep.

I bought some stuff that I needed, more shampoo and gel and dye for my touchups. I'm trying to figure out what colour I want to do my little streak, the purple keeps fading into this weird aqua and everyone takes note when it does. Maybe this time I'll really just try for the white again, we'll see.

Finally got some Burger King too and it was delicious. Mom and I had some good conversations about all kinds of stuff and then I realised that I probably need to find my bioplast earrings to wear on the plane in October. Like hell I'm going to let them take jewelry away because it's too pointy or something retarded like that. Plus they would be a bitch to take out at the scanners and then put back in. Unless I make it a point to take them out ahead of time, but the plastic would really be so much easier to deal with. I could just change them after landing or something.

Found out that my nephew is no longer the sensitive boy that he used to be, he's turning into a hateful person and it actually hurt quite a bit to realise this. I know when trying to express my feelings on it to my mom I started crying because I should have known he would end up like this, but I guess there's just no stopping it at this point. It was more disappointing than anything, I suppose, knowing that he used to be a good kid and now he's just...he says terrible things that I would expect to hear out of people that are completely ignorant.

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Guh. I hope this weekend wasn't an indication of how the rest of the week is going to go, I don't think I can handle another meltdown.

Friday was a disaster, I ended up flipping out and walking away from the customer service desk in an effort not to cry. Which didn't work because I ended up in the back crying anyway. Ultimately it was kind of funny because I'm not even sure that I was making much sense other than yelling about how stressed out I was because of work and some home issues. At any rate I really was looking forward to the break and then Saturday didn't quite turn out how I wanted but it could have been worse.

Then today, good god today was a disaster. It started out well enough, got to sleep in again which was nice. Not too long after I got up my mom had to call the ambulance to come and get my aunt because she's been having some serious issues all weekend. I thought that was the end of it and I'd get to enjoy a little bit of time to myself without many obligations. Watched a movie and a half on the big tv in the den until my dad came into the room, lost his balance and fell head first onto the edge of the coffee table. I proceeded to freak out, calling my mom who was still at the hospital and then ended up calling 911 for the second time. I swear those firemen are going to think that we abuse old people here, seeing as it was the same two that showed up the second time.

At any rate my dad ended up being okay, but after everything calmed down and my mom got home I realized that I lost my favourite phone charm. I seriously was still so frazzled that I started crying over it, tearing through things to try and find it with no results.  It took me a while to find the card that came with it and I contacted the maker to see if I could get a replacement for it, so now I just have to keep my fingers crossed.

I only have to make it a few more weeks, then I know everything is going to be okay. At least I'll have even more of a reason to look forward to coming home from work, have the chance to sleep a little better and feel completely content again.


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