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Soooo, I went hunting for Glee icons tonight only to find that I hate most of them. B|

That's not the point. What I really have to say is that I was almost disappointed with tonight's episode. Mostly because I'm not really a fan of Britney Spears, but whatevs.

I think I'm mostly disgruntled with the fact that Rachel is getting worse and worse. I was willing to accept in the beginning of the show that she was a diva and a bit of a control freak. But after the crap she pulled in last week's episode and the ridiculous 'test' she put Finn through (plus the ultimatum nonsense), I'm really sick of her and all her 'woe is me, why does no one understand here let me have another show ending solo'. Don't get me wrong, Lea Michele is very talented but the character is just shit anymore. You'd think after all the bullshit abuse and oppression people have put her through, that she would stop being a selfish cunt and learn something.

At least the next episode looks like it might focus on someone else, even if I don't like the way that the preview looks. I'll be pissed if it makes me get all emotional. :|


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