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Goals for today:

Get my work schedule for next week.
Send someone a text message.
Try to talk with people online.

Most likely only one of these will get done, but at least I'm going to try. I was thinking about going down to mom's today, but I'm not quite feeling it. Besides, I've been there two days in a row, I think we'll both survive if I stay home today. I should probably take something for this headache and lay back down for a little bit, but here's a meme instead.


I just had a nice long talk with my mom about a lot of stuff, so I'm feeling just a bit better now despite the raging headache.  Medicine is kicking in now though, so I think I might be good to lay down just for a little bit. /o/  After that, the goals for the day will be tackled. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS. YOSHA~ 

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the 7 THINGS meme

Yes, yes, yes. I'm such a nerd. Do this for me because I might die. Everyone else gets responses when I actually feel like I have some brain function. orz.


I think I'm finally well enough to go farther than the bathroom~. \o/ We'll see how that goes today and if I can manage to stand up in the shower before I have to actually go and help my brother out. Too bad there wasn't a way to weasel out of that, because I'm still not feeling tip-top but OH WELL. I'm too tired to care. :|

At least the cat stopped vomiting at some point, that was good news. Even if she's being ridiculously clingy. I think maybe after my shower I'll try to lay down for a little longer before I have to leave. Yes, I think that's a good plan.


Here. Have a picture I took before I left while I try to keep myself somewhat entertained and looking busy.

These boots make me feel SOOOOO Varia. :|


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