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Yesterday felt so rushed and today is just creeping along. IT CAN BE TOMORROW MORNING ALREADY, FFFFFF.

Still waiting on my haircut, which is lame but oh well. Thirty minutes, just another thirty minutes before I can call again to check and see if the guy is in or not. And if he's not...then I'm just going to have someone else do it despite my better judgment.

sdlkfj, I'm so tired right now but I can't nap because if I nap I'll never get to sleep early enough to get up in the morning. Flight leaves at 7:15, so we need to leave here around 5:45 which means I need to be up at 5:00. Why I chose the early flight, idefk.

I like the purple and blue pattern that I didn't even mean to do. It makes me happy. :c
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sfsjdlfjsdkjdsfdf. see icon, this face forever.

Last minute crunch, I can't remember if I've forgotten to pack anything at all or not. I still have one more day to pull things together and a million other things that need to be done as well.

I need to secure the rest of the decorations tomorrow, try to fix the grim reaper and actually set up the timers the way I was supposed to today. I think we're going to the aquarium with my nephews as well, but that still remains to be seen.

Didn't get my haircut like I wanted today, as it turned out someone was misinformed about the days that he would be in so it's looking like if he's not there tomorrow I'm not getting one before I do. Which would be absolutely wretched, considering that it's really getting so ridiculous to deal with. Today I didn't even bother putting product, despite it looking...strange.

Went to Wal-Mart and bought a few things. Some greatly needed socks, a couple of halloween themed shirts that I didn't need and cat food that we did need. Probably should have actually gotten the cat litter, but I think my mom can handle that this time around.

But stuff, stuff, stuff and things. I've also got to remember to see about checking in for the flight in advance, that way I can just head for the gate once I get there in the morning on Tuesday. Probably should make sure my mom is still actually going to take me too, I keep forgetting to ask and I'm pretty sure she was kidding when she told me that was too early in the morning for her to go. :|

just dslkfjsdklfjsdklfjsdlfjsdlfjsdlfkj. I should put a pain patch on my neck while I sleep, I'm all wound up and it hurts. aaaaaaaaa.

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Soooo, I went hunting for Glee icons tonight only to find that I hate most of them. B|

That's not the point. What I really have to say is that I was almost disappointed with tonight's episode. Mostly because I'm not really a fan of Britney Spears, but whatevs.

I think I'm mostly disgruntled with the fact that Rachel is getting worse and worse. I was willing to accept in the beginning of the show that she was a diva and a bit of a control freak. But after the crap she pulled in last week's episode and the ridiculous 'test' she put Finn through (plus the ultimatum nonsense), I'm really sick of her and all her 'woe is me, why does no one understand here let me have another show ending solo'. Don't get me wrong, Lea Michele is very talented but the character is just shit anymore. You'd think after all the bullshit abuse and oppression people have put her through, that she would stop being a selfish cunt and learn something.

At least the next episode looks like it might focus on someone else, even if I don't like the way that the preview looks. I'll be pissed if it makes me get all emotional. :|

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Buuuh. Still sick, but at least it's just some congestion and a little bit of dizziness today. Which doesn't help me at all because I really needed to get up on the roof and fix the AC hose, it's leaking again. I think since the season is almost over I'll just go for duct tape, but maybe not until tomorrow.

Been waffling on some RP stuff, I want to app a couple more but I'm not sure on who. Still would like to be able to come up with at least one woman I can play and not lose her right away, I'm at the point where I'm just sure I fail at woman since I can't find many I can relate to and/or like.

I really want some Burger King.

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I probably shouldn't name my pokemon when feeling sleep deprived.

That's all I've got for you. I could complain about work and how no one else works as hard as I do, but it wouldn't really do me any good and I'm really tired. Maybe a nap, we'll see.


Oh god, my legs hurt so bad. Not a good sign when they're throbbing like this and I can hardly walk, it's usually a sign of a cold or the onset of flu. Not cool, body, not cool. Nevermind the fact that I've been battling the stuffy nose all day and the weird tickle in my throat, but you had to add this too? THANKS, ASSHOLE. B|
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I guess I was a lot more exhausted than I realized.  About 7:30 I crashed out on the couch for about an hour until I finally gave up and just decided to go take a nap. Two hours was the plan and then I learned a valuable lesson.

When planning a nap that's supposed to span from 8:30 to 10:30, setting the alarm doesn't do any good unless you actually turn it on. :| 

So basically I slept from 7:30 to midnight and didn't get anything accomplished that I planned on tonight.

And now...I've only been up for 4.5 hours and I'm already exhausted again. wtf, body? Really? Really?

At least the rest of the day was good, even if a little hectic toward the end of my shift.  Went and got a haircut as soon as I got home, so I felt a little more human which was nice. +_+ I like the way this new lady cuts my hair, but she's really strange and doesn't really know how to shut up. 

I'll have to see in two weeks how I feel about my hair though, decide whether I'm going to need another cut before the trip. It might be a good idea, just to make things easier as far as maintenance goes.

And now, I think I've stayed up as long as I possibly can. I think it's time to crash. Again. :| 

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Seriously, just fuck today.

At this point I just want a fucking hug, to curl up and cry and then take a goddamn nap.


Today really was just fabbity fab fab fab. :| 

And by that I mean just supremely shitty.

Had it sprang on me right off the bat that I was supposed to be there at 8:15 instead of 8:30 this morning (and ultimately didn't make it in until 8:40 because I'm a tard and left my wallet so I had to go back) because she needed me to cover Denise's shift at the front desk. At least Cindy acknowledged that it was her error because she didn't call me to tell me. But still, manning the front desk on Monday is just bad in general be there because...I have 3-4 days worth of paperwork to catch up on. But I figure it's fine because after lunch I'll still have nearly four hours to catch up.


Not only did someone fuck up my morning by pretty much just...lying about me while I'm standing right there (saying that I made comments about the check I gave them and that I told one of the other managers not to write them one when they asked for it. seriously, wtf?), but then it got worse because the ramen bar girl called in. No problem until about 11:30 when people just...started sitting down and waiting. So who gets to handle that? Me, of course, having to run over there and cook for the three people waiting. Cindy told me to close right after them, but did that happen? HA. NO. Two more came up and I couldn't very well tell them NOT SERVING YOU because they already saw me serving the others and there's no sign posted at all. So ultimately I was stuck over there for an hour and a half cooking and washing dishes. At least I got a decent amount of tips out of it, though I have to wonder if that girl really meant to leave me all of her change. Eight dollars total, nicest haul I've gotten from over there, I guess.

Finally got to lunch a little after one and didn't even feel like eating because I was already upset, but I forced myself to do it anyway and subsequently made myself feel even more sick. I spent the remaining time at work at my desk and trying to clear all the paper off before I had to leave, but the waves of nausea PLUS the most monstrous cramps I've had in years kind of set me back a little. So basically, got SHIT accomplished today. I even forgot to stop at the bank on the way home and deposit the check my mom gave me.

At the very least, I didn't have to deal with any of the vendors on the phone that I was dreading dealing with so...that's good? 

And those tips. :|  yeah...that's pretty much it. I was basically so frustrated and fed up by the time I was at lunch that I really just sat at the table and stared at my food, trying not to cry before I finally shoved it all down. Still feel like I'm going to vomit, still feel likeI want to punch babies, but at least I'm home now and I have the option of taking a nap. HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH.

I seriously just feel stretched too thin when it comes to work these days. I keep getting reminded how important my job is by bossu waifu, but then I get pulled away to handle everyone else's shit. It's no wonder I'm still making mistakes and forgetting to keep up with my handful of orders that I do, I'm too busy covering everyone else's ass when they can't deliver. They really need to get in gear and start hiring some people so that I can actually start to like going to work in the mornings again.

Yeah...about that nap. I think I'm going to do that now. >:< 


Hnnnngh. And that really just makes me feel worse. I should be well past it, but for some reason I really just can't let it go. Can't have a shitty day without a little vague thrown in. 
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I swear the last few nights have been riddled with nothing but weird dreams.

In this most recent one I was working at a grocery store and Jason Segel was my bossu. :| There was a bathroom there that was kind of creepy, so every time he had to go to the bathroom he would make it a point to come and find me so that he wouldn't have to be in there alone. He also kept throwing parties in his office for all of these really tall people, I only caught glimpses inside because well, I wasn't tall enough to go in.

Then there were so many people that I knew from my current job and from high school working there that it was strange, some of them were people I haven't thought about in years. Bossu waifu was working there too and at one point I was going down the stairs and she just...ambushed me from the back and started giving me a hickey. Which I totally didn't appreciate, but she was still my bossu so what was I going to do? I just had to stand there as a couple of people came up the stairs and just stared, there's me trying to usher them up the steps before she saw them and freaked out. In the end she had her success and I was totally pissed.

So anyway there's this moment where Jason is asking me to go with him into the bathroom again and I was like UGH I have this hickey on my neck that I really don't want him to see, but he sees it anyway and kind of gets this sad face over it and I was like djskldfjd dammit bossu waifu, you made Jason Segel sad face. DX 

Then I woke up. I'm pretty sure...that whole last bit had to do with the fact that I marathoned some Vampire Knight before I went to bed, but I'm really questioning my casting ablilties. :|

We're having family times tonight, I'm not looking forward to it. I still have to shower and get dressed so we can go to the store and pick up a few things for it. There's a glass on my desk that's vibrating everytime I type a word and it sounds like a very noisy little cricket.
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Nnnnnngh. Feeling a little disgruntled over work, I'm really kind of getting tired of being the reliable one and having to pick up the slack and do the jobs that everyone else is supposed to be doing.

Oh well, guess I'll get over it. Maybe if I'm lucky this next round of applicants will get through and things will be able to go back to the way that I've begun to consider as being 'normal'.

Phone is fucking up all over the place too. Freezing in the middle of calls and then when I went to check my mail at lunch ALL my bookmarks and internet settings were gone. And I'm not eligible for an upgrade until the end of August.

I was hoping that today was going to be awesome after having that couple of emotionally draining days, but no luck.

A few other things irking me here and there but ultimately there's still plenty for me to look forward to, though. At least I have those to keep me happier.
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Today I was scanning invoices and we got one from Vincent Tea Company. It made me think of you because I'm a dork. Also, you'll be pleased to know that I did NOT slump over the pile of papers on my desk and take a nap. You were right, it would have been a very, very, very bad idea. The end. :3

In other news, I'm super exhausted. +_+ I guess that happens when you spend two days vomiting and not eating. I probably should have made more of an effort to eat more at lunch, but I was a little too worried about it all coming right back up. And of course, they waited until the day after recovering to tell me that I was going to be part of the new internal advertisements at the store. :| 

So now I'm going to be on camera all shiny and happy with my eyes looking totally out of focus and dark circles under them. The Disney lady appreciated my enthusiasm at least and bossu waifu just wanted me to say hello in ALL the languages since no one else was putting forth any energy. OH WELL. I checked the mirror after they recorded me and was satisfied enough, I'm just glad I felt like doing my hair this morning when I dragged myself out of bed.

The highlights of my day were nearly choking on rice at lunch because the always wonderful [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction  made me laugh too hard and finding that invoice that made me think of the equally awesome [livejournal.com profile] cavalcanti

Now...now I think I need a nap. +_+
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So yeah, I think I've mentioned before how much I hate the hospital. :|

I think right now the only plus side to it at all is the fact that my mom's nurse is from Birmingham and sounds remarkably like Alan Rickman.
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I keep thinking I want to do that robot unicorn meme I'm seeing around, but everytime I open a comment box for it my mind goes blank. More and more I find myself not really wanting a whole lot, besides the things that I do have manage to keep me plenty happy.

Today I went into work against my better judgment and got sent home less than four hours later. Too out of it it to function, I'm pretty sure that I passed out at my desk for ten minutes and then on the way out I almost fell down the stairs. I already gave a warning to Cindy that I probably won't be there tomorrow if this keeps up, which even after taking medicine and crashing for five hours IT IS STILL SO PERSISTENT. I don't think a miraculous recovery is likely at this point.

So lesson learned, [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction & [livejournal.com profile] cavalcanti . Next time I swear I'll listen and just stay home like you suggest. :c

There's chills to deal with right now. And food. Though, I'm not sure if I'm really hungry or not, so I guess something small will do. I already ate a crap ton of crackers when I got home to keep myself from barfing, so maybe it's time I had something else. :|
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I knew if yesterday was awesome today was destined to be crappy.

Slammed at work and given more mundane, repetitive work that made my wrists scream in pain. Nevermind the fucking huge headache I ended up with because I had to wait so long to take my lunch break today. :| 

I guess it certainly could have been worse, most definitely could have.

Highlights of my day:

Young telling me that he would be happy to let me punch him in the face, that it was squishy and he'd really be okay with it. Apparently he really would have been because he asked me two times AFTER I told him I was going to punch him if I still wanted to.

Bossu's waifu slapped me on the ass. Just stood there, stared at me for a moment before she did it and then just walked off.

I just...don't even know. :| 
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I wonder if I will ever learn to stay out of things that I know are just going to upset me.

I think today was destined to just be a shitty day. Filled with overwhelming concern and just general blah. It doesn't help that I am having a really hard time even seeing. Buuu~ At least work is already almost over, that's one good thing.

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I really hate dreams like that, the ones that should make me feel all happy and warm and squishy inside.  Sure that happy feeling is there for those first waking moments, but after lucidity kicks back in it's just a reminder of what I don't have or how impossible it might be to actually get it.

I know I'm being entirely too hopeful this time, but for some reason I can't bring myself to stop. It's funny, the way that there's never a happy medium. I either don't want it or I want it so much it hurts.

There was some thought on actually talking it out, but I'm still too much of a coward about it and it isn't as if that would even be a guarantee....

So as usual, I'll just take what I can get and try to be grateful for it, that's really the best way to handle this in the long run. 
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I told myself I wasn't going to dwell on it, but there's nothing quite like waking up and feeling like every fear or suspicion has been confirmed.  I really shouldn't let it get to me, it was bound to happen eventually and I really shouldn't be so shocked.

I think once I have something else to focus on I'll get over it.

For now I'll just be grateful there's at the very least that one person that brightens my day and seems to make everything worth it. There's usually more than that, of course, but if I can focus on one thing that's good maybe those bad feelings won't seem nearly as awful.
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Fffff. Today dragged on like nothing else, though I think it was partially because of the way the weather kept fluctuating.

Watching the desk I thought I was going to just keel over, it worried me quite a bit so I flat out told my manager if she couldn't find me to check on the floor. :| 

Got a lot done, even if I was a bit spacey, though at one point I just gave up completely on trying to focus and started doodling on a piece of scrap paper.


This is what I did in order to keep myself awake. What I should have been doing was the mountain of filing stacked up behind it. :| In all honesty that won't take me that long to do, but seeing as I couldn't even bring myself to organize them I knew better than to actually try putting them in the cabinet properly. Ultimately I just shredded old papers until the machine overheated on me and it was time to go home. c: 

And now...now it's time for a glorious nap since I'm falling all over myself I'm so tired right now. I thought about dinner first, but the pillow seems to be calling to me. +_+

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Why the hell not? :| I can try, anyway. It's not like I'm saying anything else of much interest.

Just some blah blah blah and a little more blah on the side.
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Long day full of typing and packing up boxes.

Also the day of epic typos.

Culver Duck Price List =/= Culver Dick Prick Lust.

Guess I know where my mind was.

I think I fucked something up, but I guess I'll wait for some kind of actual confirmation before I stress too much about it.

Voice Post

Nov. 20th, 2009 10:30 pm
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idek what was going on with the fading in and out, so sound quality kind of sucks. :|


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