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Sometimes when I'm working in the gift shop I feel like motherfuckin' MacGyver.

Today I used pair of scissors as a drill AND a wrench.

Last week I took apart a whole display by using a pair of tweezers.

Now I'm hungry. Time to forage.

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Delicious meats!

At least I got some dinner out of all that nonsense today. Admittedly, I was probably more of a jerk about it this morning that I should have been but I really just didn't want to go. Though, I have to say I still found it interesting that my mom took my lack of enthusiasm personally and made a big stink about it.

Tomorrow might be a pretty awesome day, considering that I may end up having the house all to myself. If that's the case then I really might just sleep until I wake up and then spend the afternoon watching movies on the big screen. I'll keep my fingers crossed, because I really do enjoy having days where no one bothers me at all.

In a little bit here I think I might just go take a shower, I feel all gross from being out there.

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I hate it when I'm starving and I can't find anything that looks good in the kitchen.

Time to go forage more and hope that I don't have to be dragged to that stupid football game. Sure my nephew is playing varsity, but damn football takes forever and I'm not down with that.

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So I've been looking for something to snack on/eat for a couple of hours.

I finally decided that pancakes would be good, but then I didn't really want to make them.

In the end the urge was too great and I just shoved the bowl with the mix in the microwave.

Lazy pancakes. Or rather...pancake?

It had sprinkles and I feel very accomplished and very full. :|

That's all I have. Enjoy some pokemon. :|

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This morning was not the most awesome morning ever. But then, I'm not really a morning person.

My mom burst into my room at eleven this morning to get me up. I wish I could say I wasn't being totally serious about that, too. Her throwing open the door so hard that I woke up with a start, knocked things off my desk while trying to catch it so that I wouldn't fall out of my bed and hurt myself.  Then there was the demand that I make breakfast and the great debate as to whether my dad was going to have one of the waffles I was making.  He pissed me off, so I spit in his. I wish I could say I was kidding about tha--

Okay, I would be a liar if I said anything else.  Refuse food after I make the effort, crazy old man.

After breakfast I sat there at the table to finish my tea and then came the great cleaning! And by cleaning I mean me washing my sheets and putting my DVDs back in the proper order. I swear, every time my mom comes in and decides to try and clean for me she puts them back wrong. There were DS games stuck in with the tv boxsets and animations tucked away in the horror section. I was not a happy camper finding Goodburger up on the top shelf next to Prince of Darkness. B|

Anyway. Cleaned. Took pictures. If I could finish uploading all these suckers I could give a VIRTUAL TOUR of my room.  Let's work on that. It's something to do at least. Something that's not more vacuuming or dusting. :|


And now I'm really hungry. HUNGRY AS A ZOMBIE!

They could bring my pizza any time now and I would be happy. c:

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Ate way too much and now I'm really tired. >:< 

At least the injury count for today isn't as bad as the last family gathering. I'm hoping it can stay as it is, at least for a few hours. Thus far I've only been shoved into a wall and stabbed with a fork twice. Granted that was my fault because I told my brother forks were for stabbing and he decided to test that. :|

After that was a grand joke from my mom about how I'd been forked today. Oh god how I laughed. |D

Every one kept commenting on how grumpy I was and I had to tell them several times that I wasn't before they finally believed me. The conclusion was that my good mood was still grumpy and a lot more violent than my bad moods. /o/

Now I just want to take a nap. Or maybe have another beer since I like those as much as I like naps. +_+
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It's always something of mine Domino's manages to fuck up. :|

Brought the wrong pizza, dropped my pizza, forgot my soda. Just once I'd like them to screw something up on my dad's order so that he actually has something to complain about.

I was going to stay home today, but in the end I decided that I would be better off down here at my mom's even though she's sick. I figure if I'm not sick yet and most everyone else has gotten it then I'm probably going to be fine. No sense in avoiding if I've gone this long without catching THE DISEASE.

Still feeling a little off, but maybe that'll be fixed later. Kind of grumpy at the moment though, mostly because of the soda fuck up. That and the fact that I was scheduled to work on the two days that I really would have like to have off. D| I'm really thinking about changing my availability so that I can't work on Sundays any more, but that would be kind of crappy of me. My mom was trying to tell me that it was a compliment of sorts, but I fail to see how that works. To me it just means that no one else wants to work on Sunday either. :|

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In other news, I got a lot less sleep than I planned to. I think I'm going to have to take a nap at some point while I'm down here or possibly skip out early so that I can try for a little bit more sleep. Who knows, who knows~. I still have more cleaning in my room to do before I'll be completely satisfied, but that really isn't going to take too long I don't think. An hour at the most, though I suppose it depends on how motivated I am. D|

In other news, one of these things is not like the other. I love it when that happens, it's always something of great amusement. :3

I thought about doing that meme that's been going around, but in the end I decided against it. |D It was interesting and fun to look at the things that pertained to me, but really I think it would have been more than any of you would have wanted to know.  Oh well, you already know how awesome I am, what I do or what I've done doesn't really matter much. Or something. I think I'm too tired for thinking.  >:|

I think mom wanted to go to the jewelry store, but I'm not sure if we're going to make it or not. It would be fine with me if we waited until Monday or something, but I guess I won't complain too much if she does try to drag me out.  Even if I would much rather just crash on the couch for a few hours...
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So for the most part the appointment was a great success. The vet ended up shaving Cassie's side so that she could get a better look at her, it seems like a minor infection at the most. So two weeks of antibiotics this time, just like I hoped for in the first place. After that I can make the appointment for her to have her vaccinations done, which at that point I can take Sailor too. They both need them and they've already tacked on an extra fee from the city since I'm so late~. |DD And of course now Cassie is avoiding me like nothing else because they put one of those collars on her and I already gave her a dose of the antibiotics. I don't think she's very happy with me, but such is life.

So now just waiting for my mom to call me to see what's going on. If I'm lucky she'll call soon and we can go get something to eat. Or she'll make dinner. One or the other. She wants to go with my dad the week after next to visit a friend in Texas, so that might be good for her if she gets to go. Especially after the last couple of weeks.

I think whatever my bug was is finally gone. I'm feeling good aside from being terribly exhausted, although I suppose we'll see how that goes later. It seems to be later in the evening that I'm feeling it and I definitely don't want to speak too soon. In other news, I still don't have new sunglasses but I did have some delicious mashed potatoes last night. Maybe I'll see about begging for Chinese food later. Maybe, maybe~. +_+


SO. I get down to my mom's and one of the neighbors calls up crying. We go over there and it turns out she had fallen and ripped part of the skin off her arm. |DD We clean her up, bandage her and then come back. I'm thinking YAY, NOW MY MOM AND I CAN EAT THIS MACARONI AND CHEESE I WAS MAKING.

Hurhur. WRONG. Less than two minutes later the neighbor on the OTHER side calls up crying. My mom still has yet to come back. Somehow I can't bring myself to be concerned about that woman at all. She's the tackiest former crack whore to ever walk this earth and I really wish she would just VANISH. You think I'm saying these things just because I don't like her, don't you? WELL YOU'RE WRONG. :| She's even a former convict. Yes, this makes me very comfortable that she calls up my mom for everything. :D I swear, there's something about the house to the north of us that just pulls in drug addicts and crack whores. I know my mom is going to come back and tell me something serious is going on, but I know I still won't care. So instead I'll just have to pretend like I do. :|

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Still, I'll oblige just because I'm fucking hungry too. :| 
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I was going to put up a report of the trip today, but I still feel too tired.  I barely made it up to feed myself leftover pizza and clean cat litter. :|  The cat litter that I should have done last night, but I didn't have the energy to get back up and get dressed. I think a week with my family is too exhausting. Maybe I should only agree to a few days the next time. There wasn't nearly enough ME time.

In the end I think I'm going to finish this food, watch a bit more TV and then pass out again. Maybe tomorrow I'll make it to the post office and the bank. Maybe, maybe~.


Here is that doujinshi I promised you. :3 This one is actually scanlated but at least you can read it~.

And here is the other one that I mentioned too. \o/
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I just had a large piece of cake and a glass of milk.

I will probably be very sick in a few minutes...

But damn it was delicious. :|
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So I guess today didn't end up being a total bust.

I was very upset because I woke up really nauseas again.  My mom was making scalloped potatoes for THE GATHERING and I was worried I wouldn't be able to eat them or the steak. But I forced it down and enjoyed lunch immensely.

I wanted to go take a nap after food, but then my brother and I started complaining about sappy movies. I loved that he liked The Notebook about as much as I did. |D I lawled hardcore at that and then went upstairs to play games with my nephews.

We played Rock Band. It was actually pretty fun, I was surprised. Although the winning combination was me on vocals, Jacob on guitar and Chris on drums. Musically inclined as I am, I totally failed at drums. Probably because of my wrist, which hurts like a bitch now.

I really think a nap is in order. Maybe I'll just pass out on my mom's couch.


Srsly though, I would love to go home in a good mood. Right now it's perfect aside from my stomach acting up again.
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Watching movies all day and playing Pokemon. Fun times. |D  Now I bring you another brilliant conversation...

Keep in mind that I was playing a game and not really paying attention. OKAY. D:

Mom: You know...I don't really understand that...
Me: Understand what?
Mom: That guy.  The one that was walking around and pointing a camera up women's skirts.
Me: Um, to see their underwear. Duh. :|
Mom: Why doesn't he just go look in the store? You can see plenty there...
Me: Well, it doesn't look the same on a hanger does it? He wants to see it on them, I guess...
Mom: I'm still not sure I get it...
Me: Maybe you have to be some sort of pervert to really understand it... -shrug-
Mom: ........
Me: .........
Mom: You seem to get it pretty well...
Me: ......... :|
Mom: You walked right into that one. >:D

She really does crack me up sometimes. Hur. Now I'm going back to playing my game and consider making some guacamole. Amazing.
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HUR. Easter.

We went over to my brother's house for it and it was pretty awesome. I had an amazing steak. STEAK, MEATS. MMMMMMMMMM.


I made an AWESOME baked potato all for me and my mom looked at it and just smiled. I stared and she just says, 'That looks really good!' 8D Then she just reached out and took it. |D RIGHT OFF MY PLATE.


But really, it's been a pretty good day. c: Even last night ended up being pretty kick ass, despite the fact that I've been feeling like crap lately. \o/



So my mom and I went to Walgreens. On the way out I noticed that I had a hole in my sweater.

Me: I have a hole...in my sweater.
Mom: .....most people do. :|
Me: ...eh?
Mom: Wait...what did you say?
Me: I have a hole in my sweater? D:
Mom: Oh.....whoops. I thought you said you had a hole in your butt. :|

OH MOM. |D ♥
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Eye appointment = success.

My eyes finally got crappy enough to be the same power again. You have no idea how happy this makes me because it means that I only have to order one box of contacts at a time. :3  I'm going to wait on the glasses since I only wear them at home anyway.  New contacts are already on order and I hope they are fantastical and made of awesome.  Just like me. :D

After the appointment mom and I went to IHOP and we FEASTED! OH IT WAS A FEAST OF MIGHTY PROPORTIONS! Only you know, not. I had bacon and eggs and stuffed french toast. I also had way too much coffee.  So yeah, guess who's not going to back to sleep like she originally planned.  I'll give you a hint~!  It's not my mom. :c

So now I think I'll kick back and enjoy some games. Fun times.  Then perhaps later I'll take a nap~.

Or not. Seeing as I have some energy drinks sitting right next to me and calling my name. +_+

I think today will be a pleasant one, instead of that overwhelming feeling of CRAPPY that's been looming over my head. \o/


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