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I feel an overwhelming need to get out of this place, I just feel so...stifled right now.

baaaaawwwww hurt feelings, health concerns, blah blah blah, skip if you want )

Blah blah blah, stuff and things suck and bawwwwww.

I have good things to look forward to in just a couple weeks, I just have to remember not to let things get me too down.

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/insert rage about a million different things including communication problems, hypocrisy, the incompetence of others and insensitive nonsense.

I hate being sick.

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I'm pretty sure I've never unloaded on a boss like that. Not that she didn't deserve it, worthless slag. In the end I got out a lot that needed to be said, not just for me but for other people. I'm sure it didn't really get me anywhere and things are going to be uncomfortable at work for a while, but I think with everything that happened today it's time to really start looking for something else. School's just started so I wonder if it'll be a little easier to find something, I just have to hold on until I do.

Now my head is killing me from all the crying and the upset, I think I should nap. At least that seems to be the best course of action at the moment.

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Oh fuck my life, I got so upset yesterday that I fucked myself up again. :|

I hate calling in so last minute, but when I can't fucking move properly to even go to the bathroom there's a problem. So back to bed with a gigantic ice pack and the hopes that I'll at least be able to make it for the last part of my day. Doubtful, considering I can't even really walk right now. I can shuffle, but I hardly see how that could be beneficial while trying to help people.

I just love feeling like one of the youngest invalids ever.
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Hnnngh, it really would have been too much to ask for today to go smoothly after the day I had yesterday.

Pretty much got demoted from a job at work today because 'it just isn't working out'. I make too many mistakes, nevermind the fact that some of those mistakes weren't mine but naturally what I have to say just doesn't matter. I really should have seen it coming, but no matter. I've been wanting a little less stress and working the customer service desk downstairs isn't really so bad.  It really was a little upsetting at first, so much so that I spent twenty minutes out of my lunch just sitting in my car (despite the ridiculous heat) and crying. For that I ended up with a headache and my stomach was so upset that I couldn't eat.

I needed to change my availability anyway, so we'll see how that goes over. Right now I'm trying to take a very zen attitude with everything, it will all turn out the way it's supposed to. Divine order and blah blah blah. All I'm really concerned about is that my hours will be cut considerably or that someone might try to fight me about it, but for now a break would be welcome. I hate going to work these days, I come home frustrated and exhausted without much of a will or focus to do much of anything anymore.

Mom asked me if I thought it was time for me to consider looking into a new job, but I really don't want it to come to that. I know I'm not the only one that's miserable at work right now, but it seems like it doesn't really do any good to try and talk with anyone about it. It's like talking to a brick wall. :| I guess it wouldn't hurt to look into alternatives, just in case.
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I was really trying to make the best of today. Chance to make up the hours blah blah blah blah...

My head hurts so bad I can't see out of my right eye and I've been fighting back the urge to vomit all day long. I drank three liters of water hoping that it was just the weather or dehydration that was making me feel so sick, but all that managed to do was make me run to the bathroom even more. I should have seen it coming with the way that my neck was hurting last night, but I really was hoping for the best. I had to medicate so much that I think I ended up making my stomach hurt even more, so it seems like today was just a day that was destined to be bad.

All I want right now is a hug and to curl up and cry, though I can't see how the crying would really be beneficial. If anything it would just make my head hurt more and then I'd be even more unhappy about it.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that a nap will be helpful, I really don't want to wake up and still feel this awful.
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That felt like one of the longest nights in the history of ever.  I am definitely planning on a nap when I get home from work tonight.  A nice two hour nap.  Possibly three hours, I suppose we'll see.

I need to go to Sally's tomorrow or Monday for another bleach treatment, hair is still not light enough for the toner to take.  Right now the strip is a little too yellow blond for my tastes...

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my thread

Meme time~ /o/

In other news, I was hoping for a little alone time when I went out to clean the pool. Instead I got family time in the form of nagging and constant reminders that I wasn't doing a perfect job. /o/
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I thought today was better, I was wrong~. \o/

Stuff and things and stuff and things.  Every time I turn around there's something~ something~. 

That sounds awfully good right now. Too bad it's not this, then there wouldn't be an issue. Nevertheless, I'm still laughing.  Progress? Perhaps. Perhaps it's all just part of the steady decliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.



Dear sweet lord I love entries like these.  Too bad, so sad, I'm only after entertainment.  Not yours, of course. Just mine.

Thanks, thanks, thanks. They are few and far between, but they're in order. You know who you are and if you have to question it, then perhaps they haven't been earned yet.

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Start application...

Y/N? _

So much to say and nowhere near enough words to say it. I'm feeling ridiculously apathetic to everything and blah blah blah vague vague vague shit cock erection penis penis penis. Really, I love being able to put it into such simple terms.

Brain, that was uncomfortable. Don't let it happen again.

Now that we have all that clear, I'm going back to bed.
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With all the sleep that I got I would have thought today would be BETTER. Oh how wrong I was~. Now I'm up at eight in the morning and miserable. I can't even hardly breath I'm so stuffed up and my throat is so swollen and raw that I can't hardly breath without pain. I may call my mom later to see if she can get the doctor to call in a prescription for some antibiotics for her and then see if she'll bring it to me. I guess we'll see about that...

UGH UGH UGH. Now I'm coughing stuff up too. DX !!!!!! FUCK. Everything else I can handle with a bit of a whine but when that happens just..ugh. I'm taking another dose of that medicine that made me so tired and crawling back into bed. Hopefully I'll feel up to being out of bed for longer than five minutes after this dose. :<

God this fuckin' sucks. I had stuff I wanted to icon too. D:< FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. I really hope I'm feeling a lot better by tomorrow. Mom wanted to go get our haircut and then Saturday I have to work again. I guess a day of rest and we'll see. Now back to bed.

I hate my dreams when I'm this sick. >:[


And I officially can't talk without straining myself~. \o/ I think it's time to head for the store and pick up some soup or something. +_+
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The new layout has been conquered, the new mood theme is nearly done~. /o/

In other news, I just LOVE waking up with a migraine. I feel like I'm going throw up. Let's hope this clears some before I have to go pick up the boys...
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Still, I'll oblige just because I'm fucking hungry too. :| 


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