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I felt really sick again last night so I went to bed all crazy early.

Then I woke up at 5am with a killer migraine and I tried for a couple of hours to go back to sleep, but NO DICE.  Sleep is made of SO MUCH FAIL. Hur.

So then I thought I would play a game, since I've kind of been feeling that urge to play Angelique again. So I played for a little bit and then got up because I thought I might try to fill out my tax stuff.  Haha.  Not a good idea with a migraine. I'm nauseas again, way cool.

Then I get a call from my mom asking about how to view history on the computer. +_+;  She said she would call to explain when she got home and now I'm all antsy about that.  It's like, hurry up and let me in on the potential problem.


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