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Sometimes it's really nice just to have time on my own. Got to wake up when I was ready to wake up, then I spent the afternoon watching instamovies on the wii in the den.

Only downside today was the fact that I wasn't able to fix the fan on my extra computer. It's been making this godawful noise when it starts working, to the point that I just can't use it the computer is vibrating so much. I tried cleaning it out, making sure there wasn't anything stuck in there but it just keeps on making the noise. I figure it's about time to get another one though, considering how old it was when I got it.

Maybe I'll get another one when I have a little more money, but we'll see. For right now I'll settle for not having a stationary computer and just move around the one that usually stays on the desk. Only downside is that I'll more than likely have to use the touchpad all the time, but at least I can still have the computer with me when I'm in the other rooms.

I think I was dreaming about Disneyworld, but I can't really recall. I think there were zombies too, but that's nothing new.

Today turned out so much better than I actually expected. I figured it was going to be nothing but disappointment, but I was wrong and I'm glad for that much. Got to sleep in late and then we got everyone ready to go out for steak. >:D So I had delicious steak and a huge mug of beer for lunch and it was awesome~.

I'm really grateful to everyone that took the time to wish me a happy birthday, it made me happy and I feel like it was really a boost that I needed after the way that this month started out. Hopefully it'll just keep getting better and better.  I think it won't be so difficult so long as I can hold onto the people that have really been lifting my spirits lately.  I'm sure by now you know who you are. 

And now...meme time!

Comment with a pairing (RP or Non-RP Related) and I'll tell you:

1. When I started shipping them
2. What I think their challenge is
3. What makes me happy about them
4. What makes me sad about them
5. What moment I wish had never happened
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other
7. My happily ever after for them
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Yesterday was incredibly crappy. Not the whole day mind you, but two hours of shit are enough to make someone want to bash their head against the wall.

Today? Today is awesome.

Went to work and got to leave early so that I could go and pick up the cake for mom's birthday. It was a nice surprise for her to see me home early without warning.  I also got my tax money in and paid for my blood work, even after giving some to mom and paying for my student loan I'll still have plenty left over.  Enough to get things started and set my great plan in motion. Still lots of things to be thought on and discussed, but there's still some time.

We're supposed to go to dinner later on, but I was so hungry by the time I got home that I couldn't handle it. So I made a quesadilla and thoroughly enjoyed it while chattering away at the ever adorable [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction. So far that has truly been the highlight of my day. ❤

Also, Dude, Sammy, Sammy, SammyBoBammy! Where are you when I need you most?!  Doing something awesome no doubt, like I should even wonder. :| 
Today was really just too awesome.

I was in an awesomely good mood, time just flew by and I had a ridiculous amount of energy. It took me a while to come up with the word to describe my mood, but it finally came to me.

Giddy. That is absolutely the only word that could even come close.

Work was awesome. Lunch was awesome. Tonight was awesome.


I seriously spent half of the day at work just typing shit in and singing along with my music, cracking jokes with Cynthia and Kia, just being generally happy.

Amazing how little things can put me into such a mood, I'm sure I know exactly where it came from.  Even now I'm so exhausted I'm practically falling all over myself, but still I can't wipe this smile from my face.
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Decent day all around.

I slept as much as I wanted before work and then even that was pretty awesome when I got there.

I'm still working through this rather persistent low feeling, but days like this make it seem so much easier.

I still have those little things that make me feel awesome, I truly am grateful for that. It really is amazing how something so inconsequential to someone else really ends up meaning so much to me, I just wish I could find a way to properly express as much.

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Decent day, the mood is pretty high right now even if I'm spacing every now and then. We did some of the decorations in the front yard and then my mom and I went out to buy a rice cooker for the wedding that we're supposed to go to tomorrow.  I'm not really looking forward to it, but at least I'll have another day off.

Sunday I need to take in a bunch of stuff to help decorate my booth for the store event on Halloween. I'm so excited about all of it, even if it's going to be a little cheesy. I need to make a few adjustments to my costume so that it'll be wearable at work. No one will really understand what it is, but that's totally fine with me. All that's necessary is that I' m happy with it and I have fun. 

Interesting conversation was had at the lunch table, my youngest nephew trying to tell me what I was going to want to do with myself later on in life as far as relationships go. I almost choked on my food when he just just asked me very matter of factly whether I was a lesbian. I thought my mom was going to die laughing and I really just sat there and stared at him for a good long while. Then I just stared at my mom when she proceeded to tell my nephew that I was confused. I really had to bite back a laugh when the discussion went even more in depth and I realized that my family sees me as completely asexual.

I want nachos. Like, good nachos. :| 

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Another good day.  Two good days. AMAZING.

And since I'm lazy and I want to eat my chips that I bought, everything will just be shoved into the last day of that happiness meme. :| 



★ My new phone arrived today. It's shiny and awesome and sexy and I love it.

★ Yesterday I sat around ALL day and did NOTHING.  I should have been doing laundry to prepare for the new year, but I was feeling LAZY.  Perhaps before bed tonight or tomorrow.

★  I have potato chips. :| 

In other less than great news my contact is bugging the shit out of me and my DVD won't load. /o/ I am convinced that potato chips will fix ALL of this.

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Made it out to the bar last night to watch the UFC fight and then went back to Russell's apartment.  It was mostly sitting around and watching people play games, then someone put on Step Brothers.  I ended up liking that a lot more than I would have thought, though that really could have been the beer.  During the night I had quite a few nice discussions with people I hadn't really ever talked to at great length, that's good for me too.  Now if I could just get out more often and not be a chickenshit about it things would be fine, I think.  There was some talk of doing something for the new year, but there's nothing solid on that yet.  So...



★ I learned new things about some of my friends.  Things that never would have occurred to me, but when looking back some of it actually makes sense.

★ BONDING. :D  It's just a matter of branching out a little and not sticking completely to the people that you know the best. |D 

Now I'm hungry. +_+  I think perhaps I'll venture out for some food!

If I can bring myself to actually get dressed. :| 

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★ Work was awesome, I had absolutely no complaints.

★ Family gathering for Christmas was even more awesome.  It was so much fun and I got so many things that I wanted.  Dinner?  It was fantastic and I was so happy that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I think this was the best Christmas in a few years, even if it was small.

Two new pairs of plugs, a beautiful black & white hoodie, a quesadilla maker, Guitar Hero 80s version AND a star projector for my room.  The star projector uses green lasers and there's an option to add some clouds, it's absolutely gorgeous and I really think I could just sleep with it on.

Now is time for a little Guitar Hero and then sleep. Tomorrow is nothing but relaxing and watching movies with my parents. /o/

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Good day was good.  /o/

I would write more, but my head is killing me and I think this thing is starting to border on being a migraine.




★ After dinner my parents and I just drove around looking at Christmas lights.  We haven't done anything like that in a very long time and it was pleasant. 

A few weeks ago I put up some lights around my room just for fun and while we were driving around my mom said something about it to my dad.  When I was younger my dad did that once for me, decorated my room all in green Christmas lights just for fun.  When my mom asked him if he remembered that, he said yes without hesitation and there was just something about that response that made me start to tear up.  All the things my dad can't remember from hours ago and he manages to recall one of my favourite memories.  I guess it's the little things that really end up getting you. 

Tomorrow is work and then after that family Christmas.  I'm halfway tempted to buy a tacky hat to wear at work and wear while we're all opening presents.  Part of me is happy that the season is almost over, but the other part of me is a little overwhelmed by how quickly it seemed to come.  I'm hoping this weekend I'll have a chance to get out, I think that would be good for me.  And I'm hoping even more for the chance to do something for the new year.  I don't recall doing anything at all last year, so I think that would be nice if I could manage something.

But now, bed. +_+

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Heeeeeee~ ❤

Today has been a good day, even if my mom drove me crazy for half of it.

Many things have been accomplished. New window coverings for the living room were acquired, the carpet was cleaned, there was great success with the hair-dye mission...

I don't have a damn thing to complain about. Even if I tried to think of something that was problematic, I don't think that I could. This is a good feeling.

Tomorrow is the appointment with the chiropractor and then nothing else. I think I'll probably just rest afterward, I'll most likely need it.
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So I guess today didn't end up being a total bust.

I was very upset because I woke up really nauseas again.  My mom was making scalloped potatoes for THE GATHERING and I was worried I wouldn't be able to eat them or the steak. But I forced it down and enjoyed lunch immensely.

I wanted to go take a nap after food, but then my brother and I started complaining about sappy movies. I loved that he liked The Notebook about as much as I did. |D I lawled hardcore at that and then went upstairs to play games with my nephews.

We played Rock Band. It was actually pretty fun, I was surprised. Although the winning combination was me on vocals, Jacob on guitar and Chris on drums. Musically inclined as I am, I totally failed at drums. Probably because of my wrist, which hurts like a bitch now.

I really think a nap is in order. Maybe I'll just pass out on my mom's couch.


Srsly though, I would love to go home in a good mood. Right now it's perfect aside from my stomach acting up again.


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