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God, I feel so awesome and accomplished today.

Did a lot of reorganising in the gift shop, cleared off a few shelves to make room for stuff that was just piled all over. I wish I could have gotten a picture of everything I did before people put their damn hands all over it. B|

The day was so good that whenever there weren't any customers around I was singing along with my music and I'm pretty sure I got into some pretty slick dance moves at one point. I can only hope that no one was actually checking the cameras upstairs.

Tomorrow is comcast bullshit day. Saturday I agreed to go help with shelves out in shit city, I'm almost hoping that my mom changes her mind. If she has her way we'll be out there FOREVER and I'll get cranky about it and then end up miserable because I'm cranky. SO FOR NOW I'LL JUST HOPE FOR THE BEST.

Now...now to settle in and try to enjoy Nine. Which I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, because I really fuckin' hate Daniel Day-Lewis and I'm pretty sure they cut out the two songs that I like the best. We'll see. :|

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Ffff. It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to use the credit card for some things during the trip. I still have to pay part of the credit card before the tenth, pay for my student loan and half of the deductible for the damage to the truck from the last trip. I mean, I can do it and I think most of the money I get from the next check could pay for trip and fun stuff.

We'll see. I think I'll wait until the last possible minute to pay for the card, that way I can hold onto some of this from the last two checks. That way I'm only out 180 for the loan and the deductible.

Three days off and hopefully next week things will be a little back to normal? I don't mind the gift shop, it's more the cut in hours I'm upset about.

Other than that, things are feeling pretty awesome right now. No one is really bugging me too much and I'm generally happy despite being sick. It's definitely nice feeling this way. Definitely, definitely~

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Times like this I really do feel so lucky.  I feel like crap and somehow there's still a smile on my face.

I think tomorrow I'll stop by the store after work and pick up some yogurt. There's been much talk of it over the last couple of days and I really want some. +_+ 

Today was really just too awesome.

I was in an awesomely good mood, time just flew by and I had a ridiculous amount of energy. It took me a while to come up with the word to describe my mood, but it finally came to me.

Giddy. That is absolutely the only word that could even come close.

Work was awesome. Lunch was awesome. Tonight was awesome.


I seriously spent half of the day at work just typing shit in and singing along with my music, cracking jokes with Cynthia and Kia, just being generally happy.

Amazing how little things can put me into such a mood, I'm sure I know exactly where it came from.  Even now I'm so exhausted I'm practically falling all over myself, but still I can't wipe this smile from my face.
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At this moment I'm the happiest I've been in a while.

It's a nice change.

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I love it when something small and possibly meaningless to someone else ends up making my day just that much brighter. 

I could probably go into more detail, but I would rather just enjoy this feeling while it lasts.  Even if it meant nothing it still managed to make me feel a little more hopeful about things in general, the boost really was needed...

Also, Sugar Pie, totally your fault that I felt compelled to find at least one icon because I couldn't contain my love for Gakupo's hair.

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Despite the fact that there were a few bumps here and there I have to say that this past weekend was one of the best that I've had in a while.  I actually feel a little hopeful about certain things, but not overly so.  In the end that came from having a decent conversation with someone about things that actually mattered, talking about things of importance and going a little more in depth about them than I normally would.  There's a few other things too, but focus really fails me and I'm not sure that I would actually be able to convey everything that I hoped to.

Perhaps tomorrow if the need is really that great.

Which it probably won't be seeing as the second I lay down I'll be trying to put everything onto paper as well. I think I'm a little too lazy to do both.
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So far today feels like it's going to be a pretty awesome day. I'm not sure that there's any particular reason, but I'm not going to question it beyond the thought that it might be delirium. I feel like such a cocky bastard today it's not even funny, but since when is that new? I don't have much to say aside from the fact that my dreams have been beyond fucked up the last couple of days, but for the most part they haven't been terribly unpleasant.

Good lord, I want a burger and a fucking milkshake.
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I don't think I've ever actually seen the emergency broadcast system used for anything other than testing~. It says there's a tornado warning, but I don't think it's close enough to me for it to matter. |DD I think the most we'll end up seeing is some rain and probably not even that much.

I'm ridiculously tired today, which is strange because I know that I got plenty of sleep. I think perhaps being out in Gallup yesterday fucked with my allergies. I didn't even want to try to put my contacts in this morning, I'm quite sure that it would have ended badly.

I think maybe I want to ask my mom if I can take the DVD player out of the living room since mine is refusing to work any more. +_+ It would be nice to not have to overuse my PS2 again, I think I nearly killed it the last time using it as much as I did. Maybe I'll try cleaning out my player first though, that can't really hurt and if it doesn't work I can always ask later.

I think tonight I'm starting on my cleaning project. First the floor of the closet and then my desk. Maybe if I take everything off and put it away systematically I'll be able to get it cleared off some so that I can use more of the area. I need to take the tower from the desktop off since I can't use it anymore, then maybe I might be able to put my drawing board up there to help prop the laptop up a little better. I'm thinking that my Harry Potter books aren't going to cut it forever. |DD We'll see how I feel when I get home though~. I think maybe I'll try to take a nap now, seeing as there isn't a damn thing on TV. Thus far the only thing that caught my interest on Most Shocking was the fat lady sitting on some guy that was attacking a cop. \o/

Stuff and things, lots on my mind and almost every single bit of it is good. My mood has definitely improved over the last week, so much even that my mother noticed. Progress, progress~. I think things are just going to keep getting better.
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I'm exhausted and still very sore from the adjustment yesterday. I'm still feeling a little more chilled than I should but somehow I can't really bring myself to care.  Not in a bad way, there's just a nice feeling of happy that's managing to cloud over these crappy little things~.

I ended up calling my mom a little while ago and telling her that I wasn't going to make it down. I just want to sleep a little more and then have some time to myself. Then maybe later I'll actually go get something so eat, since I am feeling pretty hungry. Tomorrow we're supposed to drive out to Gallup to see Jeri, so that should be interesting. I won't say fun because the drive out there is never much fun, but it'll be nice to visit some with her and everyone else. That reminds me that I need to charge my iPod too...

I don't think I had much else to say, so with that I go to lay down again. Rest sounds absolutely marvelous right now~. ❤


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