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Fuck fries and drama and hurt feelings and blah blah blah.

Fuck everything. >:|

I was hoping to be done with this mood by the time I went to bed tonight, but it seems that I won't be that lucky.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll have a bit more of a clear head and I'll be able to sort through all of this.  I wish I could be a little more hopeful about it all, but the mood won't allow that even for a second.

I wanted to finish this movie but even that feels like too much of a chore right now. Fuck this movie too, I'm just going to bed.  I think it's the sign to call it quits when I get to the point that there are only three people I don't feel like dealing some damage to.
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Bad day was bad and long. B|  It's not like everything was terrible, but there were enough little things that went badly to make it a problem.  I guess they were more like annoyances than anything but my mood wasn't all that great anyway.  Though a considerable amount of that came from the fact that I was in pain and rather hungry for most of the day.  At least today wasn't like yesterday where I felt like eating everything in sight. +_+;  It wasn't even eating proper meals, almost like some serious stoner munchies.

I swear if tomorrow doesn't go better someone really is going to end up with my fist in their face.

So I'm thinking I'll take a shower, watch another movie and then try for some sleep.  At least then I'll have a better chance of being in an awesome mood. /o/

And maybe after work tomorrow I'll try to convince my mom that she needs Chinese food as much as she needs air.  I swear today all I wanted was some fried rice and kung pao chicken. DDD|


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