Yessss. This week is over.

I need to dye my hair tonight and possibly go get a hair cut tomorrow. We'll see how that ends up going.

I had something else I was planning on doing, but I can't really remember it at the moment.

I think maybe I was going to be lazy and do this post in the form of bullet points, but I could only come up with two things. And I'll do them anyway.

☆ A manager wears really inappropriate lipstick to work. There's no reason to wear WHORE RED when you're supposed to be management. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised since she pays 100+ dollars to have someone make her hair look like crap.

☆ I judge people that let their small children go out in public looking like they haven't bathed or had their hair combed in a week. There's no excuse for it.

And...something else, but I've lost it now.

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I will never go blond.

Only for the sake of lightening my hair and future hair projects will I ever go blond. Which means 24hrs or less. Longer than that will never happen.

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That felt like one of the longest nights in the history of ever.  I am definitely planning on a nap when I get home from work tonight.  A nice two hour nap.  Possibly three hours, I suppose we'll see.

I need to go to Sally's tomorrow or Monday for another bleach treatment, hair is still not light enough for the toner to take.  Right now the strip is a little too yellow blond for my tastes...

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Tomorrow there's work in the morning.  It occurs to me that today was payday and since I get off earlier in the day I'll actually be able to stop by the bank on the way home. Fuck yeah. +_+

Then after that nothing but sitting around and preparing to do other stuff. Yes, doing things that should have been done a while ago.  Thinking about it I still get pretty nervous but I'm determined not to flake out this time.

I've got soft hair and two energy shots in my bag, nothing can fuckin' stop me! XO 
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Exhausted again, though I would have so say pleasantly so.  The day didn't turn out half bad.

Mom had to take dad to the doctor when I first got over there, so I just watched part of a movie before I had to go pick up my nephew from my brother's house.  Ended up back at mom's to finish up my movie before Chris and I were dragged to Hastings to find movies to rent for Christmas day.  Things went well up until the end of the trip, when the guy that was checking us out spent the entire transaction talking to a stupid cunt at the end of the register.


Ended up back at my mom's after that and then there was a glorious trip to the grocery store.  I can't really remember much after that, other than the fact that we went to Sally's and I got more hair-dye.  FRESHLY DYED HAIR IS SO AMAZING AND MAKES ME HAPPY! /o/  There was talk of actually going to get haircuts tomorrow, so I'm really hoping that goes the way I want it to.  Then I'll have freshly dyed and cut hair.  I need to deposit my check in the morning before I go too, seeing as I owe my mom some for the help I got with gifts.  Plus there's a few more people I might want to get something for, it's just a matter of when I might see them.  I suppose a late gift is better than nothing at all though, in the end it's really more the thought that counts.  At least that's the way I feel about it.  But for now I'm going to finish up laundry and then wander off to bed.  We'll see if I can actually get through the whole night without waking up four or five times.  I had one day last week where I was able to pull it off, but lately it's been getting really bad again.

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Heeeeeee~ ❤

Today has been a good day, even if my mom drove me crazy for half of it.

Many things have been accomplished. New window coverings for the living room were acquired, the carpet was cleaned, there was great success with the hair-dye mission...

I don't have a damn thing to complain about. Even if I tried to think of something that was problematic, I don't think that I could. This is a good feeling.

Tomorrow is the appointment with the chiropractor and then nothing else. I think I'll probably just rest afterward, I'll most likely need it.
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I took a nap.

So I never slept. IT WAS NEAT. :D

Also, melon-mint gum + energy drink = BAD IDEA.  It was so fucking gross!

I think in a little bit I'll try to call my mom and see if she's up yet. They were supposed to get back late last night but I forgot to tell them to call me when they got in, SO I DUNNO.

In other news, I took apart my desktop to see if it was fried in some way. Nothing. So I cleaned it really well and it seemed to be okay for a few hours, but then it just started freezing at random again. I'm pretty sure that it's completely dead. At least I was able to get everything onto the external. I don't really mind using the laptop, it's just that the screen is so small and in order to keep from hunching over the desk to see it I had to set it on top of two Harry Potter books. |D

Now my desk looks even more ghetto than it did before. \o/

I need to start getting things together and do a mighty overhaul for the move. Still not quite ready to go home, but if my parents really are going to go ahead with this job I have to. The way Yohji acted while they were gone is proof enough for me, scratching a chunk of the door frame into a big pile of sawdust because he was upset about being alone. And that was still with me there for a majority of the day.

I let something stupid get to me earlier tonight and I ended up with a headache. I really need to watch that.

I also gave up on my silver streak. It didn't work the way I wanted it to and I was really feeling too lazy to bleach again and go buy more toner. So I just put in a bright red. We'll see how that looks when my hair is actually dry.

This entry wasn't supposed to be this long. |D Really, it was only an excuse to use the icon.



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