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I want a fuckin' do over for today. I hated it. The potential for it to get better was there but someone else just keeps fucking it up.

First my nephews were an hour and a half late and didn't bother to tell me what was going on. By the time I finally called their mother to figure it all out they were here and I was already pissed. They're damn lucky I didn't just send an angry text and tell them to forget about it.

Got a lot more done decoration wise than I expected for us to finish in one day. We still have more tombstones to finish tomorrow and lights to put up. I need to figure out how I'm going to light the grim reaper as well.

On a more serious note I like how my mom gets all pissy over something I had nothing to do with and blames me for not taking care of it. She doesn't stop to consider just how I feel on the matter and exactly why I'm not comfortable with a confrontation over some fucking pictures and the fact that my sister is going to do whatever she wants to do. We know this, but somehow it's my fault for not asking her to take them down. Thank you mom, for just making my day worse. I'm so upset that I'm nauseas and trying so hard not to just curl up on the floor and cry. I'd like to tell myself just to quit being a baby but it's really one of those things that isn't fair.

Probably doesn't help my mood that I'm hungry, but I feel so sick to my stomach that I'm not even sure I can keep anything down.

So yeah, the one day I was looking forward to this week turned to shit in my hands.

Just one more week I have to put up with crap like this and then I'm free, even just for a little bit. That's the one thing I'm not going to let anyone ruin for me.

Here, have some pokemon. They're neat to look at and don't piss me off.


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