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I seriously spent most of the day today cutting up paper bags and making long strips for the front of shelves. I never did finish, but I have three days to work on it next week. :| I do like that I got some recognition for all the effort I've been putting in back in the gift shop, that's always something nice. Makes me feel less like I'm doing it all for nothing.

Mildly annoyed at the lack of communication over decorating tomorrow. My mom can't give me/get a straight answer for when those people are supposed to be here tomorrow. My nephew doesn't know if his brother has practice or not tomorrow. I don't know if I'm supposed to pick him up or not. Blah blah blah blah.

Kinda pisses me off that this is something really important to me and no one else really seems to get that. ffs, we have people stop by and ask when we're going to decorate it's gotten so big. SO WHY DOES NO ONE ELSE CARE?

I think I may or may not come off as mildly crazy when I can't figure out what song lyrics come from. I mumble and even end up getting looks from my mother. :|

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The day was mostly good, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed to hear that cleaning my aunt's piece of shit house this weekend is more important than a goddamn yearly tradition.

So yeah, right now it looks like it's just going to be my nephews and I decorating for halloween. And by that I mean they'll work until they get bored or lose interest and I'll end up doing most of it on my own. Not that I mind, it's just a really big set up for one person to do by themselves.

Oh well, I should just worry more about getting things in order for my trip. Last month went by so slowly and now this month feels like it's just going by quickly. Nothing wrong with that, it just means I get to go and have fun a little faster. Now if that week could go by slowly I would be okay with that.

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Finally motivated myself enough to fix up some images and swap them out for a halloween theme.

I need to remember to send a message to my nephews tomorrow to see when they might be available to decorate the yard too. Otherwise I'm going to tell my mom that she and I just need to do it ourselves. All I know is I'll be really upset if it doesn't get done before I leave on the 19th.

Speaking of which so far everything is fine at work, maybe all the reminders paid off. I was even offered a few extra hours next week, so that'll be good.

Tonight the goal is to play more Ocarina and put together a halloween themed playlist for work tomorrow. I have an energy drink to keep me alertish and I don't have to go to work until eleven, so that gives me time for both!

Yesssss, I feel awesome right now.

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Ugh, rage of the day is over at the very least.

I'm hoping, anyway.

Almost made myself sick I got so pissed off about this and that, but I went out to look around at some stuff and calmed down quite a bit.

Still didn't make it down to the Spirit store, I just really didn't want to go all the way down there by myself. Half of the fun of the store is looking around with someone else. Maybe sometime this week, I'd really like to get there before everything is sold out.

Now to find something on tv. :| I'd really like to see some of the seasonal specials they put on the travel channel, but no one else really seems interested in the least bit.

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Went shopping today in an attempt to find one or two more pairs of jeans to wear for work and came back with things that I absolutely didn't need.

Bought another gun for Elliot at a thrift store that already had a crap ton of brand new Halloween stuff out. Two dollars isn't bad and no shipping, so at least I have a replacement for the one that broke at Fanime. There was a lot of other cool stuff that I wanted, but I need to save money for October. I need book everything tonight too if I can. I already convinced mom that using the card is best because I can pay it all off before the end of next month anyway. I realized that I really still want an Indiana Jones hat. I may have to break down and actually buy one that's wearable on a regular basis. My mom also quashed some woman's attempt to shoplift too, I was all ready to be heroic if it came to that. It was very exciting and then I got bored and paid more attention to the costumes.

Also bought a picture frame with giraffes on it. It even came with a real picture of some teenagers that I'll probably just shove somewhere and keep. I think it's sad to throw away pictures of real people. Even sadder that people would just get rid of something like that without taking the picture out first. Someone must have been pissed or something.

Then walgreens had the Halloween candy out already so I bought some orange marshmallow pumpkins and a candy that was in a Chinese take out box. It's like...gummy noodles and eyeballs or something ridiculous. God, I love Halloween. It's when all the super gross candy comes out that I just can't resist. :|

At any rate, I never got the pants. I did get a few things that I actually needed. Mostly some more deodorant and body spray since it was on sale, I very briefly considered trying some Old Spice just for a change but it was more expensive. Maybe on a time that it actually happens to be on sale I'll try it.

I need to remember to look at drugstores in California too when I go back out there. [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction said that they carried Sunsilk products pretty regularly and we don't even have it in the stores here now. The only thing I can find is shampoo at work and it's all East Indian product and totally not what I'm looking for.

All in all it turned out to be a good day, just kind of going from store to store and hanging out with my mom. :3

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Decent day, the mood is pretty high right now even if I'm spacing every now and then. We did some of the decorations in the front yard and then my mom and I went out to buy a rice cooker for the wedding that we're supposed to go to tomorrow.  I'm not really looking forward to it, but at least I'll have another day off.

Sunday I need to take in a bunch of stuff to help decorate my booth for the store event on Halloween. I'm so excited about all of it, even if it's going to be a little cheesy. I need to make a few adjustments to my costume so that it'll be wearable at work. No one will really understand what it is, but that's totally fine with me. All that's necessary is that I' m happy with it and I have fun. 

Interesting conversation was had at the lunch table, my youngest nephew trying to tell me what I was going to want to do with myself later on in life as far as relationships go. I almost choked on my food when he just just asked me very matter of factly whether I was a lesbian. I thought my mom was going to die laughing and I really just sat there and stared at him for a good long while. Then I just stared at my mom when she proceeded to tell my nephew that I was confused. I really had to bite back a laugh when the discussion went even more in depth and I realized that my family sees me as completely asexual.

I want nachos. Like, good nachos. :| 

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