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So I actually made it up in time and I was still late for work. |DDD  I forgot that I needed to stop and get gas and then the stupid pump wouldn't work right.  It kept trying to read my card and then took forever to process.   I couldn't help but laugh to myself when I arrived late and I was still the first one here. There was a call to my mom and a joke  how if I'd remembered it was going to be like this I would have slept longer. Of course, she chided me and failed to see the humour. Go figure. B|

I don't actually remember getting any sleep last night.  I remember being exhausted and having a gigantic headache when I finally went down for the attempt, but after that I remember a lot of tossing and turning. And coughing. Good lord there was a lot of coughing.  I think I considered getting up for a little while and fucking around in photoshop but I decided against it.  I've been thinking that someone needs a new set of icons and I think I know who, it's just a matter of putting forth the effort when I feel like I have the patience for it.

I'm still disappointed that I was too sick to go get my haircut yesterday. I really wanted one. It's not like I can't maintain it on my own, it's just I never do as good a job as the girl at the shop does. Not surprising since I can't look at it all from the same angles that she does~.

Kufufu~. I just love telling people that I don't want the stuff they want to pawn. \o/  But really, I think that's all I had to say on things for now, though somehow I think this is one of those days where there might be a ton of edits.


Hurhurhur.  No little girl-woman-thing, you aren't cute enough for me to give you a discount. Staring off into space and then giving me that demure little look as you tell me you've only got $300 dollars for something that costs $350 is not going to magically knock off that extra $50. Pouting doesn't help either.  You know what it does make me want to do though? Smack you upside the head and possibly break your face for actually trying something like that. :| 

[EDIT 2]


CUT FOR PORNY GOODNESS. :| Or something. )

I'm still laughing like nothing else. :|


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