Sometimes I wonder why people take me for a stoner. Then I actually listen to myself talk about certain things and I have to ask myself why I even wondered in the first place.

"Man, the energy in here is just so...negative. It's heavy, dude."

So not only do I sound mildly stoned, but I sound like a hippie too. :| Stone hippie? Something something something.

But really, the energy in the store was really nasty and heavy, like something bad was going to happen. It felt that way all day, but at least after lunch I was busy enough to take my mind off of it. There was also something that smelled really awful when I walked in, but I'm not sure if it was really there or if that's just how I was perceiving the atmosphere, as something horrid and stinky. I'll admit, we got a shipment of incense and one of the smelled like cinnamon B.O. Not a fan.

Hips are trying to slip out on me still. I was hoping after sleeping it would be better, but no dice.

I really want some pizza. That sounds so awesome right now. Maybe I'll get some after I lay down for a little bit.

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Bad day was bad and long. B|  It's not like everything was terrible, but there were enough little things that went badly to make it a problem.  I guess they were more like annoyances than anything but my mood wasn't all that great anyway.  Though a considerable amount of that came from the fact that I was in pain and rather hungry for most of the day.  At least today wasn't like yesterday where I felt like eating everything in sight. +_+;  It wasn't even eating proper meals, almost like some serious stoner munchies.

I swear if tomorrow doesn't go better someone really is going to end up with my fist in their face.

So I'm thinking I'll take a shower, watch another movie and then try for some sleep.  At least then I'll have a better chance of being in an awesome mood. /o/

And maybe after work tomorrow I'll try to convince my mom that she needs Chinese food as much as she needs air.  I swear today all I wanted was some fried rice and kung pao chicken. DDD|
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