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This morning was not the most awesome morning ever. But then, I'm not really a morning person.

My mom burst into my room at eleven this morning to get me up. I wish I could say I wasn't being totally serious about that, too. Her throwing open the door so hard that I woke up with a start, knocked things off my desk while trying to catch it so that I wouldn't fall out of my bed and hurt myself.  Then there was the demand that I make breakfast and the great debate as to whether my dad was going to have one of the waffles I was making.  He pissed me off, so I spit in his. I wish I could say I was kidding about tha--

Okay, I would be a liar if I said anything else.  Refuse food after I make the effort, crazy old man.

After breakfast I sat there at the table to finish my tea and then came the great cleaning! And by cleaning I mean me washing my sheets and putting my DVDs back in the proper order. I swear, every time my mom comes in and decides to try and clean for me she puts them back wrong. There were DS games stuck in with the tv boxsets and animations tucked away in the horror section. I was not a happy camper finding Goodburger up on the top shelf next to Prince of Darkness. B|

Anyway. Cleaned. Took pictures. If I could finish uploading all these suckers I could give a VIRTUAL TOUR of my room.  Let's work on that. It's something to do at least. Something that's not more vacuuming or dusting. :|


And now I'm really hungry. HUNGRY AS A ZOMBIE!

They could bring my pizza any time now and I would be happy. c:


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