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Laaaaazy day~

Woke up feeling a little stuffy again, but I think it was mostly allergies.

Football game last night ended up being a waste of time. They did actually put my nephew in but it was only for one play that lasted less than three seconds. I'm not even sure that they actually told him what he was supposed to be doing, the way that he had to change position three times. I'm just more convince that I hate sports and I'll avoid going to games as much as I possibly can.

I really should call to see what my schedule is for tomorrow, but I suppose that can wait until later. It'll probably be the same that it has been, open to three or four or whatever time they decide is a good time for me to leave.

I still want to work on some apps, but my focus is a little off and I still can't decide on people. I keep going through old journals and thinking on them, but idk. We'll see how it all pans out. :|


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