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I needed an excuse to use this icon. I can't look at it too long because it's like they're staring into my soul.

It's windy and I hate it. I'm also still tired of all the drama.

This is relevant to how I feel about all of that.

What I'm not tired of is how awesome and cuddly and super fantastic [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction is. :3 That will never get old for me. ❤

We were supposed to go to wal-mart tonight, but with as windy as it is I really don't want to leave the house again. The mall was good, the chinese food afters was even better. I drank the whole pot of tea and then my stomach felt all swishy and liquidy.

So maybe tomorrow we'll make it to the store. Maybe. We'll see.

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This is my new favourite icon ever.

Until I find one I like better.

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It's time for the moon festival at the end of this month, I'm going to be hearing this line and many more until September 22nd. I was really hoping that bossu wasn't going to set up the television with the looping KaiLan episode, but I really couldn't be so lucky. At least it's farther away from the desk this year, so maybe it won't be so bad. All I know is that even after a year all of it was still so ingrained in my memory that I could recite each line as it went along. :|

Next step is to be doing the voices with eerie accuracy, I'm sure of it.

Still feeling sick most of the day, though it was mostly just a persistent cold sweat and some issues with my nose. I came home and passed out for a while after taking some medicine, so hopefully that will have done me some good.

And now I've gone on an icon adding spree, so I think I'm done and I don't have anything else important to say. :|

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Still so many slots open for icons. I'm always on the hunt, but I never find anything that I like. Then again, I'm too lazy to even make my own at this point, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining.

Today was another lazy day, but yesterday was pretty win. Got to see Scott Pilgrim and quite enjoyed it, even with some of the changes that were made. We were supposed to go and get more hair dye to finish up the great hair project, but that never really happened. That'll be the goal for tomorrow. Maybe. If we don't sleep until the middle of the afternoon again.

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I really did mean to go to bed an hour or so ago, but it just didn't happen. The call of photoshop and finishing off a new icon set was just too strong in the end.  I'll sleep for a few hours and then I think today might be a cleaning day, especially since my allergies are really acting up.

Tonight or tomorrow I really need to head out to the mall to see about jobs. I've been meaning to go, it just hasn't happened yet.  The day before yesterday I made it to my mom's for a little bit before the migraine just really started kicking my ass again.  Oh well, my body was terribly out of whack last week anyway so in the end I wasn't really too surprised by it.

Just been keeping myself busy and trying not to think too hard. My head feels like it's just full of mush, it would be fine if I could get the wooden spoon out.  But with it sitting there, I can't help but be compelled to stir it. Brain stew.  If I get too overzealous it might start leaking out my ears and then where would I be?  Brainless and hungry, I suppose.

Now that my thoughts have wandered that far, I would say that it really is time to sleep...
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Today was a better day. I suppose. Something like that.

I'm still feeling ridiculously apathetic, but in the end I can't really say that I'm surprised. It's been like that for a while and it's not like that goes away easily for me~. Oh well, oh well~. I'll be fine if I can keep everything from cluttering up my head so badly...

I had some icons that I wanted to finish up tonight, but it didn't happen. This was me trying to keep myself focused after a long period of feeling completely anti-social. I just kinda laid there for a long time and stared at the ceiling, just thinking over things. Stuff and things, not really anything in particular. |3

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go down to my mom's and then Saturday is another day of work. At least it'll be a bit more of a lazy day, though I can't help but feel like I'm the one who's going to end up doing most of the work. But at least I'll be able to just chill on messenger most of the day again with my brother being off and everything.

After work I really need to get on filling out some other applications. Maybe I'll check at the mall and just look around generally. Who knows what I could find, I just know I need to find something better than just being 'on call' for the pawn shop.

This entry turned out to be much longer than I meant for it to be.

TL;DR. I don't care. I need a job.
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Tomorrow is Gallup.  Now is sleep~.

I think maybe when I get home it will be time for a Disney marathon. Maybe, could be, who knows~.  All the iconing that was done tonight was a great success, at least as far as I'm concerned.  :|

And now I'm walking away from the computer. Watch me. I'm doing it...

Walking away~.

Now let's see if I can tear myself away from the phone~.

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I should be asleep right about now.  Instead I'm still fucking around in photoshop and making icons that are the embodiment of GAY. \o/

New contacts came yesterday,  aqua and violet and they are just what I wanted~. Huzzah!  Later I have to go to my mom's and feed the animals. I'll also probably steal food, because I can. Fufufu~.

But soon is the attempt at sleep and I should probably make an icepack for my thumb. :|  It's all nice and swollen up and keeps trying to freeze on me. Not so fun.


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