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I wonder when people will learn that elementary school logic doesn't work when you're trying to return something. When I say you can return something and point out the various notices that say ALL SALES ARE FINAL, shoving it into my hand doesn't magically change my response.

Seriously, why all idiocy, consumers?

Tax refund has been acquired. I'm also getting paid tonight. My bank account will look awesome for a few days before I have to pay some stuff.

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I want a nap.

So for the sake of being brief, I know I hate a lot of things.

But there are few things I hate more than someone lying right to my face. Way to set the example at work, dipshit.

I also hate being told that I should be medicated for my rage, herbal or not. I haven't punched anyone yet, so it's not like I'm a time bomb or anything. I usually pull my fist back at the last second, so it's all good. :|

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/insert rage about a million different things including communication problems, hypocrisy, the incompetence of others and insensitive nonsense.

I hate being sick.


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