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Excellent, just a few more days before it's time to go.

So many plans and things I'm looking forward to. The company, Disney, Knotts, the great hair adventure. Tuesday can't get here quickly enough.

Managed to get an Axe travel set from wal-mart, it'll be better in the long run to have the small amounts. That way I don't have to worry about shoving the larger things into my suitcase and I won't have to worry about things exploding on me once I get back too.

One more day of work and then Sunday I really need to start getting things put together, write out my list so I don't forget anything. Phone charger, gps stuff, pajamas and all that good stuff. I'll try not to leave stuff behind at the hotel this time around too.

Double checked on the schedule at the hair place, Sunday I'll definitely be going to get my haircut before I go. It's really too difficult to do anything with right now. I really would like to try something different, but everything I look for ends up seeming more like a fauxhawk than anything and I'm not positive I could pull it off. Still going to be bold and do my whole head with the silver, but I should get the red just in case it doesn't go as planned.

Monday we may be going with my nephews to do something fun, I think I'll be hoping that the aquarium idea wins out. We went to the zoo before and it doesn't look like anyone else really wants to go see the Bodies thing as much as I do, plus it's a little on the expensive side...so fish and things work for me just as well. :|

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Day full of stuff. Some good and some bad. I think I did too much, running around all over the place after just barely feeling more like myself. Now I just feel awful again and don't want to do anything other than sit or sleep.

I bought some stuff that I needed, more shampoo and gel and dye for my touchups. I'm trying to figure out what colour I want to do my little streak, the purple keeps fading into this weird aqua and everyone takes note when it does. Maybe this time I'll really just try for the white again, we'll see.

Finally got some Burger King too and it was delicious. Mom and I had some good conversations about all kinds of stuff and then I realised that I probably need to find my bioplast earrings to wear on the plane in October. Like hell I'm going to let them take jewelry away because it's too pointy or something retarded like that. Plus they would be a bitch to take out at the scanners and then put back in. Unless I make it a point to take them out ahead of time, but the plastic would really be so much easier to deal with. I could just change them after landing or something.

Found out that my nephew is no longer the sensitive boy that he used to be, he's turning into a hateful person and it actually hurt quite a bit to realise this. I know when trying to express my feelings on it to my mom I started crying because I should have known he would end up like this, but I guess there's just no stopping it at this point. It was more disappointing than anything, I suppose, knowing that he used to be a good kid and now he's just...he says terrible things that I would expect to hear out of people that are completely ignorant.

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Went shopping today in an attempt to find one or two more pairs of jeans to wear for work and came back with things that I absolutely didn't need.

Bought another gun for Elliot at a thrift store that already had a crap ton of brand new Halloween stuff out. Two dollars isn't bad and no shipping, so at least I have a replacement for the one that broke at Fanime. There was a lot of other cool stuff that I wanted, but I need to save money for October. I need book everything tonight too if I can. I already convinced mom that using the card is best because I can pay it all off before the end of next month anyway. I realized that I really still want an Indiana Jones hat. I may have to break down and actually buy one that's wearable on a regular basis. My mom also quashed some woman's attempt to shoplift too, I was all ready to be heroic if it came to that. It was very exciting and then I got bored and paid more attention to the costumes.

Also bought a picture frame with giraffes on it. It even came with a real picture of some teenagers that I'll probably just shove somewhere and keep. I think it's sad to throw away pictures of real people. Even sadder that people would just get rid of something like that without taking the picture out first. Someone must have been pissed or something.

Then walgreens had the Halloween candy out already so I bought some orange marshmallow pumpkins and a candy that was in a Chinese take out box. It's like...gummy noodles and eyeballs or something ridiculous. God, I love Halloween. It's when all the super gross candy comes out that I just can't resist. :|

At any rate, I never got the pants. I did get a few things that I actually needed. Mostly some more deodorant and body spray since it was on sale, I very briefly considered trying some Old Spice just for a change but it was more expensive. Maybe on a time that it actually happens to be on sale I'll try it.

I need to remember to look at drugstores in California too when I go back out there. [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction said that they carried Sunsilk products pretty regularly and we don't even have it in the stores here now. The only thing I can find is shampoo at work and it's all East Indian product and totally not what I'm looking for.

All in all it turned out to be a good day, just kind of going from store to store and hanging out with my mom. :3

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Choking because you've just laughed too hard is not all that great.

Completely unrelated, but I've just had one of those moments where something hits you.  It's always interesting to think over the possibility that changing one thing could impact the outcome situations so drastically.  I guess it was time for one of those really thoughtful nights, wondering if something I said or did completely changed how something would have otherwise turned out...

More importantly and even farther from the topic, my hair feels absolutely amazing right now.

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Last minute cleaning venture went well, now sleep before it gets too late.  I'd like to have a fairly decent day at work so that the evening will be that much better~. /o/  Still some other stuff and things I've been kicking around, but nothing of consequence in the end.  At least nothing that can't be worked out with a little bit more thought.

I feel like there was a lot more that I had to say, but evidently not.  Other than the fact that I was tricked into getting vaccinations today for the flu and pneumonia. Then there was some lazing about at my mom's before we wandered off to Target and just had a bit of a look around. I did manage to get some more Axe stuff, so in the end it wasn't a wasted trip at all.

But now, I definitely think that sleep is possible, as it is I feel like I might just collapse right here on the keyboard.


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