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Sleep deprivation is GO!

 I totally meant to be in bed by 3:30 and attempting sleep, but somehow I didn't make it until 4:30 and even then it was a FAILURE.  I ended up having to get up again to take a painkiller for my back and then had to wait for that to kick in. I think it was somewhere around 5ish that I finally managed sleep. Then at that I was awake every thirty minutes for god only knows what reason.  The icing on the cake was waking up nearly an hour before my alarm was set to go off and not being able to get back to sleep. So I got up and sat at the computer for forty minutes and then left with plenty of time to stop by Sonic to get something for breakfast.

SO MUCH CAFFEINE IN MY SYSTEM I CAN'T HARDLY TYPE PROPERLY, BUT OH WELL.  That and the fact that my equilibrium seems to be a little off, there's a nasty pain in my ear and I can only hope that my body's just rebelling against the last of sleep and that it isn't an ear infection.

It looks like it might rain too. That would be absolutely glorious. +_+

I should try to make a few updates for some journals at some point today, but I guess that all depends on my focus level. Right now it's pretty fucking stellar but I can't really vouch for what it might be like later...

So for now, I'm just going to continue reading some Black Cat since I finally stopped putting it off~.

There's this guy that comes in here all the time to look at knives, rifles and just now he checked on a night vision thing we have in one of the cases. I always like to imagine that he's buying this stuff so he can go hunting for people. He looks like a normal guy, but who knows what he's really out there doing. +_+


Hurhurhur. Yeah, nap is probably not happening after work. FAIL. If I weren't worried about retarded little shits coming by and ruining the decorations that my mom just finished working on, I totally would have refused to stop by. I think it's time to break out the energy drink. +_+_+_+_+



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Fuuuuuuuuu~.  Running on an hour of sleep, not that I'm terribly surprised with as riled as I've been for the last few days.

I've been meaning to make a real entry for days but never really got around to it.  There hasn't really been anything all that interesting going on, just a few things here and there. Some a little more serious than others and some that are just so retarded that they really aren't worth mentioning.

At work today and then I have to do it again next week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Thankfully today seems relatively slow, I think so far I can count on one hand the number of people that I've had to help.  I meant to bring my brace with me when I left, but I forgot. And the painkillers too. I can't believe that I forgot those. So much furious typing done in the past few days that I actually managed to rub a sore spot on my wrist~.  It's so sore that I can't even rest it against the desk without wincing some, but I'll survive. Maybe I'll see if they still have that ibuprofen in the back office. They pulled out some movies that someone sold and I found a few that I wanted. Some that just looked interesting and others that I knew I loved. Cheap movies are so made of win. \o/

There's been some stuff on my mind, but not really anything that I can put into words. I think I got over my initial freak out over it so all should be well. We'll see how the next few days go and if I can keep everything under control. I'm pretty sure that I can, but I suppose in the end I'll just really have to wait and see.  There was a little while there I was concerned that maybe something needed to be done about it, but as of today? Things feel fine, fine, fine~.

On that note, I think maybe I'll finish this breakfast pastry that I purchased and get some water. Or finish my energy drink. Probably water though, it'd be better for me to space out the drinks just a little more...



Pass a Secret Note Meme

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S-so tired....  D|

I made myself stay up until I was falling asleep in my chair again, to see if I could get some proper sleep and try to readjust my schedule.  As soon as I laid down my body didn't want the sleep anymore. GO FIGURE. \o/

In other news, I think I actually uncovered the mystery behind my recent wave of sickness. We'll see how the rest of today goes and if that helps to clear things up. Hopefully, hopefully~. I would really like most of it to go away, the rest I'm so used to that it hardly matters anymore. So for now I think I'll just do some more reading and hope that I'll be able to go down soon.

Now it's just to decide WHAT to read. Maybe finish my reread of things or actually start that book I have sitting over there. Who knows, who knows. All I know is that I see a strong dose of painkillers in my future if my arms don't stop hurting like they are. Feels like someone's pulling them apart from the inside~.
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I took a nap.

So I never slept. IT WAS NEAT. :D

Also, melon-mint gum + energy drink = BAD IDEA.  It was so fucking gross!

I think in a little bit I'll try to call my mom and see if she's up yet. They were supposed to get back late last night but I forgot to tell them to call me when they got in, SO I DUNNO.

In other news, I took apart my desktop to see if it was fried in some way. Nothing. So I cleaned it really well and it seemed to be okay for a few hours, but then it just started freezing at random again. I'm pretty sure that it's completely dead. At least I was able to get everything onto the external. I don't really mind using the laptop, it's just that the screen is so small and in order to keep from hunching over the desk to see it I had to set it on top of two Harry Potter books. |D

Now my desk looks even more ghetto than it did before. \o/

I need to start getting things together and do a mighty overhaul for the move. Still not quite ready to go home, but if my parents really are going to go ahead with this job I have to. The way Yohji acted while they were gone is proof enough for me, scratching a chunk of the door frame into a big pile of sawdust because he was upset about being alone. And that was still with me there for a majority of the day.

I let something stupid get to me earlier tonight and I ended up with a headache. I really need to watch that.

I also gave up on my silver streak. It didn't work the way I wanted it to and I was really feeling too lazy to bleach again and go buy more toner. So I just put in a bright red. We'll see how that looks when my hair is actually dry.

This entry wasn't supposed to be this long. |D Really, it was only an excuse to use the icon.



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