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It could just be because I'm sick, but I get really tired of my mom doing and doing for people that she doesn't even like. She claims all this is 'for the kids' but she doesn't realize just how much of it benefits her good for nothing sister.  In the end, I'm worried that even with as much as she cares for them all (minus my aunt) that they're going to start taking advantage.

I already feel that they are, but somehow when I try to express that it turns into how I don't help enough and how if she were in the same position that she could only hope that someone would be doing all the same little things to help her out. I pointed out to her that there would be more than enough people around to help because she's a better person and not total trash like some of the people she helps, but even that didn't seem to reach her.

Oh well, it's a losing battle. Sometimes I really wish that I could learn to keep my mouth shut, things would end up being so much more peaceful. :|

On the lighter side I woke up with a mighty jewfro. I brushed it and it turned into cool 80s guy hair. I laughed quite a bit and then I realized the laughing was hurting my head too much so I stopped. :|


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