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Laaaaazy day~

Woke up feeling a little stuffy again, but I think it was mostly allergies.

Football game last night ended up being a waste of time. They did actually put my nephew in but it was only for one play that lasted less than three seconds. I'm not even sure that they actually told him what he was supposed to be doing, the way that he had to change position three times. I'm just more convince that I hate sports and I'll avoid going to games as much as I possibly can.

I really should call to see what my schedule is for tomorrow, but I suppose that can wait until later. It'll probably be the same that it has been, open to three or four or whatever time they decide is a good time for me to leave.

I still want to work on some apps, but my focus is a little off and I still can't decide on people. I keep going through old journals and thinking on them, but idk. We'll see how it all pans out. :|

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I did absolutely nothing today but watch movies, play pokemon and make frosted sugar cookies.

I feel awesome.

Got all of my reservations for October done too, so that's just one less thing to worry about.

So. Laaaaaazy.

Getting up for work tomorrow is going to be hell. :| 

Fought for like a bajillion hours last night to get a Feebas. Now I just need the blue scarf from the PP shop.

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Still so many slots open for icons. I'm always on the hunt, but I never find anything that I like. Then again, I'm too lazy to even make my own at this point, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining.

Today was another lazy day, but yesterday was pretty win. Got to see Scott Pilgrim and quite enjoyed it, even with some of the changes that were made. We were supposed to go and get more hair dye to finish up the great hair project, but that never really happened. That'll be the goal for tomorrow. Maybe. If we don't sleep until the middle of the afternoon again.

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All things considered today was a rather good day.

I didn't have much to do and I actually had plans to get some work done but I never started any of it.  Instead I slept most of the day and spent a majority of the rest of it just laying in bed and thinking.  Around six my mom called and needed me to fix something with her printer so I went, only to laze about a little more there.

It was nice not feeling like there was a shit ton of stuff to get done, like perhaps things really are beginning to even out for me.  I'm sure it's a little more shortlived than I would like to think, but in the end I'll get back to the point where I feel like there isn't much to worry over.  I did do my fair share of thinking, finally coming to the conclusion that I'm really not all that happy with the things that I'm doing right now.  It keeps coming up with my family, the question of when I'm going back to school, and I'm starting to wonder the same thing myself.  Then something occurred to me, a long overdue epiphany of sorts. 

Maybe the reason I haven't gone back is because I wasn't really doing what I wanted with school and I never had been, aside from the few times that I took courses that were fun.  I seem to recall when I first applied to the university, my first thought was musical theater.  I had always wanted to do that and it might be the ego talking, but I was always damn good at it too.  When I talked to my parents about it I remember getting a response that was slightly negative, though that may just be a manufactured memory.  So I settled on auditioning for shows and taking what theater classes I could.  When I was doing auditions and preparing songs for them, it didn't matter how many times I struck out to me.  What mattered was that I was doing something I loved.  I think I want to go back to that, to feel like I'm doing something that really is important to me.  Not to say that Asian studies isn't important or that I don't like it, but it's too difficult here.  Then again trying to really make something of myself in theater isn't exactly the easiest thing to do where I am.  I tried to bring this up to my mom tonight and I almost started crying while I was thinking about it, so everything I meant to say didn't really come out.  I think maybe I should take a little more time to consider what few options I might have regarding something like this, then maybe I'll try talking it out with someone again.  Maybe I'll even be able to make a decent conversation out of it...

Things like this really seem to be coming up with some frequency these days and I'm not entirely sure why.  I guess it really is time for me to start thinking seriously about this sort of stuff again.  I suppose there really is no better time than the present.  Really, there are so many things I want to think about but I don't really want to overload my brain right now.


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