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the 7 THINGS meme

Yes, yes, yes. I'm such a nerd. Do this for me because I might die. Everyone else gets responses when I actually feel like I have some brain function. orz.


I think I'm finally well enough to go farther than the bathroom~. \o/ We'll see how that goes today and if I can manage to stand up in the shower before I have to actually go and help my brother out. Too bad there wasn't a way to weasel out of that, because I'm still not feeling tip-top but OH WELL. I'm too tired to care. :|

At least the cat stopped vomiting at some point, that was good news. Even if she's being ridiculously clingy. I think maybe after my shower I'll try to lay down for a little longer before I have to leave. Yes, I think that's a good plan.


Here. Have a picture I took before I left while I try to keep myself somewhat entertained and looking busy.

These boots make me feel SOOOOO Varia. :|
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Sick again, this time to the point that I barely have a voice. Yesterday it was completely gone and today I was able to work through a few conversations with my mom. Tomorrow I think I want to lay around on her couch and beg for her to make me some tea~. I'm feeling pretty exhausted again, but I think that's because I didn't sleep as long as I would have liked.  Maybe this means that I won't have to wait until I'm falling asleep in my chair before I can't get to bed~.

Cassie seems to be looking better already. Getting her to take the medicine is a real bitch though, she manages to make me feel like some sort of rapist every time I have to medicate her. Me having to grab her and pull her head back, trying to force the syringe into her mouth. Sometimes having to chase her down or knock her out of the window.  Then she won't let me come near her and flinches for a while aftewards~. OH THE TRAUMA~. Then she just gets over it and we get to do it all over again 12 hours later. \o/

I think that's it for now, hopefully I'll be doing that sleep thing soon~.  I actually had a lot more slated to write about, but I'm not feeling up to it just now. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps~.
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Tonight is the Rosary. I guess I should try to remember how to say Hail Mary or something. :| Maybe, just maybe.

Called the vet today to get Cassie in for an appointment. She's got little sores on her stomach now too that just aren't healing up properly, I suspect that Sailor has something to do with all of it. I noticed the way he was going after her the other night was a considerable amount more vicious than I'd seen. Not like I didn't know he was already a shithead though, I'm just usually half asleep when he goes after her and end up just throwing something in his general direction. So Friday we'll see what's up with her, hopefully they'll be able just to give her shots and give me some antibiotics for her. Hopefully it won't be anything that she needs more than that for...

In other news I find that I rather like Zombie Loan and I could just strangle [livejournal.com profile] faded_neko for insisting that I watch/read it. Lovingly, of course, lovingly. Perhaps tonight I'll tear through those raw scans since I'm already out of episodes. :| Yet another thing we'll see about, considering that I planned on organizing my movies yesterday and just never got around to it. Mostly because my cats were on my bed and looked entirely too comfortable to move.

There's other things that I'm worried about, but I suppose I'll have to wait and see about that too. If I think on it too much without knowing any details I'll end up coming up with worst-case scenarios and that's the last thing I should be doing.

I have a possible project in the works. I think I need to pull out a notebook too and jot down a few notes. Something, anything before I forget most of what I worked out in the drive down to my mom's.
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My cat knocked down a glass and broke it. There was a mighty hunt for the missing pieces and quite the exclamation when I found it all and pieced it back together.

Apparently I missed a little shard, because it's in my foot. NEAT.

I still forgot to get my tax information from my mom's house and I can't file without it. I FAIL.

I would say more but my brain function is minimal and it's time to sleep. ♥


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