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Kidney pain + nagging from mom about money =


Seriously, she couldn't wait until I was feeling better to give me shit about it?

Work would have been really awesome if I didn't feel like vomiting the whole time.

However, I did have really awesome spaghetti just now. So that almost makes up for the other shit.

Now back to messing around with Sims stuff and drinking the rest of this damn cranberry juice.

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I wonder when people will learn that elementary school logic doesn't work when you're trying to return something. When I say you can return something and point out the various notices that say ALL SALES ARE FINAL, shoving it into my hand doesn't magically change my response.

Seriously, why all idiocy, consumers?

Tax refund has been acquired. I'm also getting paid tonight. My bank account will look awesome for a few days before I have to pay some stuff.

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Today was the day of crazies.

Almost got slammed into while on the way to work, witnessed an accident in the parking lot, had people lie to my face to get me to change my mind about a return policy. Blah blah blah.

Realized that I might be getting sick, so I loaded up on some of the herbal medicines from work and will be taking them religiously.

Excited for next week, so much to look forward to and still waiting on a few more presents to arrive. I have two more to buy and then I'll be done, but I need to wait until I get paid later on this week.

THIS ICON IS JUST FOR YOU [livejournal.com profile] heartaddiction

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Excellent day, save for the dick that almost knocked me over because he didn't like the bag policy and the bitch that thinks she's going to dispute a charge she willingly made. I don't think the credit card company is going to accept that she didn't like our return policy, but whatevs. More power to you, dumbass.

The next three days are gift shop days, most of which I think I'm going to be spending training the new girl. Only been in there a couple of weeks and it seems like everyone else is pleased with the results. Works for me so long as I don't find myself shoved out of things again to make way for the new people. At least she seems nice enough, so it's not like I'll feel like it's a hassle. She pays attention when I talk, I like that. :|

One more week until I can have some rest, which reminds me that I need to check my bank account. I need to put a little gas in my car tomorrow and I really need a haircut before I go. I may have to put some of the trip expense on the card again, just to be sure that I'm not without some spending money. I get paid again while I'm out there, but I need to hold onto some of that to make sure I can still pay my student loan and part of the bill for the card as well when I get back.

Two thoughts. I should have some Prince icons, idk why I don't have any and that's lame. Also, I think I may dream about zombies entirely too often. Neat. +_+

Today I held a puppy that had one of it's legs freshly amputated. It was the most adorable little thing and seemed to like me quite a bit, I almost didn't want to give her back to the lady that was taking care of her. I wish I had gotten a picture of her too, adorable little trooper that she was. :c

What I'd really like to do is get my hands on the dickhead that hurt her in the first place, only reason she had to have the amputation is because some worthless piece of shit cut off part of her leg and dropped her in the bushes. Like to see them survive with a leg missing. Rather see them dead though.

Got to sleep late and then went a few places with my mom before stopping to pick up the truck. They did a really nice job on the side where the damage was done, now let's see if we can keep it looking that nice. Stopped at the bank to give my mom my half of the deductible and realised that I had no clue how to withdraw from the bank through the tellers. :| You would think I'd done it at least once before, but no. As it turned out it was really simple to do, so that was a relief.

Need to move more money into savings to hold onto for the trip. I think keeping 100 in checking should be sufficient until I get paid next. Then all of that is going to go toward AmEx and then I get paid one more time while I'm gone. Thankfully I'll just be out for a week this time, so making up the money to pay the next round for the card shouldn't be too bad.

Blah blah blah, money money money, blah blah blah.

I really want to do something other than sit around today. Even if it's just to go somewhere and look around idk. I really wanted to stop at the Spirit store but my mom didn't really seem to keen on the idea. She tried to give me excuses like 'I don't care' and 'I'm too old' which totally don't fly since she like the Halloween stuff as much as I do. :|

I almost don't want to hatch my Manaphy egg, they look so cool. B|


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