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I took a nap.

So I never slept. IT WAS NEAT. :D

Also, melon-mint gum + energy drink = BAD IDEA.  It was so fucking gross!

I think in a little bit I'll try to call my mom and see if she's up yet. They were supposed to get back late last night but I forgot to tell them to call me when they got in, SO I DUNNO.

In other news, I took apart my desktop to see if it was fried in some way. Nothing. So I cleaned it really well and it seemed to be okay for a few hours, but then it just started freezing at random again. I'm pretty sure that it's completely dead. At least I was able to get everything onto the external. I don't really mind using the laptop, it's just that the screen is so small and in order to keep from hunching over the desk to see it I had to set it on top of two Harry Potter books. |D

Now my desk looks even more ghetto than it did before. \o/

I need to start getting things together and do a mighty overhaul for the move. Still not quite ready to go home, but if my parents really are going to go ahead with this job I have to. The way Yohji acted while they were gone is proof enough for me, scratching a chunk of the door frame into a big pile of sawdust because he was upset about being alone. And that was still with me there for a majority of the day.

I let something stupid get to me earlier tonight and I ended up with a headache. I really need to watch that.

I also gave up on my silver streak. It didn't work the way I wanted it to and I was really feeling too lazy to bleach again and go buy more toner. So I just put in a bright red. We'll see how that looks when my hair is actually dry.

This entry wasn't supposed to be this long. |D Really, it was only an excuse to use the icon.



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