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So far today feels like it's going to be a pretty awesome day. I'm not sure that there's any particular reason, but I'm not going to question it beyond the thought that it might be delirium. I feel like such a cocky bastard today it's not even funny, but since when is that new? I don't have much to say aside from the fact that my dreams have been beyond fucked up the last couple of days, but for the most part they haven't been terribly unpleasant.

Good lord, I want a burger and a fucking milkshake.
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Eye appointment = success.

My eyes finally got crappy enough to be the same power again. You have no idea how happy this makes me because it means that I only have to order one box of contacts at a time. :3  I'm going to wait on the glasses since I only wear them at home anyway.  New contacts are already on order and I hope they are fantastical and made of awesome.  Just like me. :D

After the appointment mom and I went to IHOP and we FEASTED! OH IT WAS A FEAST OF MIGHTY PROPORTIONS! Only you know, not. I had bacon and eggs and stuffed french toast. I also had way too much coffee.  So yeah, guess who's not going to back to sleep like she originally planned.  I'll give you a hint~!  It's not my mom. :c

So now I think I'll kick back and enjoy some games. Fun times.  Then perhaps later I'll take a nap~.

Or not. Seeing as I have some energy drinks sitting right next to me and calling my name. +_+

I think today will be a pleasant one, instead of that overwhelming feeling of CRAPPY that's been looming over my head. \o/


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