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S-so tired....  D|

I made myself stay up until I was falling asleep in my chair again, to see if I could get some proper sleep and try to readjust my schedule.  As soon as I laid down my body didn't want the sleep anymore. GO FIGURE. \o/

In other news, I think I actually uncovered the mystery behind my recent wave of sickness. We'll see how the rest of today goes and if that helps to clear things up. Hopefully, hopefully~. I would really like most of it to go away, the rest I'm so used to that it hardly matters anymore. So for now I think I'll just do some more reading and hope that I'll be able to go down soon.

Now it's just to decide WHAT to read. Maybe finish my reread of things or actually start that book I have sitting over there. Who knows, who knows. All I know is that I see a strong dose of painkillers in my future if my arms don't stop hurting like they are. Feels like someone's pulling them apart from the inside~.


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