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I've got nothing for you guys today. :| 

It was a day. More crap about shopping carts BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Here, have some pokemon to look at while I go take a nap and pretend I'm not in excruciating pain.

Supersaurus Rex is so close to level 100. HE CAN ALMOST TASTE IT.
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Oh fuck my life, I got so upset yesterday that I fucked myself up again. :|

I hate calling in so last minute, but when I can't fucking move properly to even go to the bathroom there's a problem. So back to bed with a gigantic ice pack and the hopes that I'll at least be able to make it for the last part of my day. Doubtful, considering I can't even really walk right now. I can shuffle, but I hardly see how that could be beneficial while trying to help people.

I just love feeling like one of the youngest invalids ever.
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Oh fuuuck me. Not even 5pm yet and my foot hurts so bad I can hardly walk. Come on closing, get here faster.


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