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Today I bought Hanukkah shortbread cookies at the request of my inner jew. They are delicious and shaped like awesome things. They were also cheap and I will probably buy more. Eighty nine cents for delicious cookies? IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THAT.

Dinner was also fantastic MEAT AND POTATOES. YUM.

But I'm hungry again. I should fix that.

I managed to get a cardboard cut through my sweater. It was awesome, only not. I also remembered why I hate Fridays.

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I'm sure I had stuff to write about.

Work was good, save for the fact that the meeting this morning revealed that we're going to have a child oriented section in the produce department to 'get kids excited about food'. I seem to recall being very excited about food when I was little, so I don't see how this is something that will actually serve any purpose other than giving me a headache. I already know how it's going to turn out. People will be like OH HEY CUTE THINGS FOR KIDS! Then they'll tell their kids to stay put and play and then just wander off.

The customer service desk will become a joyless place because it'll be like working in a damn daycare.

Have I mentioned that I hate kids? I probably have. And if I haven't, then I hate kids. Now you know.

My elbow still hurts a lot, I forgot to take my bandage with me to wrap it today and then in the ultimate move of intelligence I lifted heavy boxes because I didn't want to wait for someone to get them out of my way. YAY ME! 

Thinking about games and apps and stuff and trying to come up with more plans and wonders and cucumbers and shit and blah blah blah. My arm hurts. I need to take something for it and lay down. So...totally shutting up now. :|

Also YAY ARTICUNO. Trying for Cresselia next. +_+


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It seems I'm having more and more trouble keeping myself from getting hurt.


Seriously, the most inconvenient place to have a burn. :|
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Today felt ridiculously long and turned out to be kind of shitty.

Sad because last night was pretty fun and I ended up thoroughly enjoying myself.  I went out for a little while with Sabra and hung out with a few of her friends, which interestingly enough felt almost exactly how it would if I had been sitting around with my friends.  I had to laugh when Sabra called Rilke to ask if he was okay with me coming over, because she didn't just ask.  No, she said I was chill and I wasn't a cop or anything.  I couldn't help but laugh that for some reason she felt it was necessary to present things that way.  I swear, I'm going to start introducing myself to people that way.

"Hey, I'm Sonia.  I'm totally chill and I swear I'm not a cop." :|

We all sat around and watched a movie, had a few beers and then I dropped Sabra and Thomas off on the way home.  Then it was a quick snack before passing out.  I think maybe work would have been okay if it hadn't been for the fact that my hip was killing me for a majority of the day.  We were so fucking slow at work too, so that probably didn't help much.  I did enjoy watching everyone else putting out all of the stuff for Mardi Gras, which I was really excited about when I realized that's what we were starting to put up on Saturday.  I really want to have a Mardi Gras party now, which means that planning needs to start soon, I think.  I don't want to leave anything until the last minute and if at all possible I want to see who all might be interested.  Sara seemed genuinely interested when I ran the idea by her last night, so we'll see how that goes.  

I'm kind of disappointed by my schedule this week, nothing until Friday and Saturday.  I really am thinking about changing my availability for the weekends.  Shitty and probably stupid, I know, but I don't want another weekend like this one.  In the end I think it's more about having days off that are SET.  It might be better that way, then I wouldn't have to worry about whether I could plan things on certain days or not.  I'll probably write up a letter with something of a valid reason and take it in on Wednesday when I pick up  my check.  That way there will be more of a chance for me to actually have another Sunday off...

Yes, I think that's a good plan. +_+  But now what sounds even better is going to lay down again.  I think I'll finish setting up a new playlist and then go back to resting, maybe let the tv run in the background if I feel too lazy to make this new playlist~. |D 

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There I was, sleeping soundly and then BOOM!!!



I'm hoping that the sickish feeling I went to bed with is gone by the time I get up for work.  The last thing I want to do is try to focus with the way I was feeling when I first went to lay down. Dizzy and retarded is not a good way to try going through a shift. +_+  At least I won't have to call and get my schedule, I'll actually be able to look at it before I leave. Here's to hoping that I don't get scheduled for Sunday too. /o/   For some reason I'm okay working two days in a row during the week but on the weekend it feels ridiculously annoying.

Stuff and things. Stuff and things. MORE STUFF AND THINGS.  There was something else I was going to write about, but I can't really remember.  It felt important before I went to sleep, I guess not. Now to start thinking about getting back to bed~.
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Sleep deprivation is GO!

 I totally meant to be in bed by 3:30 and attempting sleep, but somehow I didn't make it until 4:30 and even then it was a FAILURE.  I ended up having to get up again to take a painkiller for my back and then had to wait for that to kick in. I think it was somewhere around 5ish that I finally managed sleep. Then at that I was awake every thirty minutes for god only knows what reason.  The icing on the cake was waking up nearly an hour before my alarm was set to go off and not being able to get back to sleep. So I got up and sat at the computer for forty minutes and then left with plenty of time to stop by Sonic to get something for breakfast.

SO MUCH CAFFEINE IN MY SYSTEM I CAN'T HARDLY TYPE PROPERLY, BUT OH WELL.  That and the fact that my equilibrium seems to be a little off, there's a nasty pain in my ear and I can only hope that my body's just rebelling against the last of sleep and that it isn't an ear infection.

It looks like it might rain too. That would be absolutely glorious. +_+

I should try to make a few updates for some journals at some point today, but I guess that all depends on my focus level. Right now it's pretty fucking stellar but I can't really vouch for what it might be like later...

So for now, I'm just going to continue reading some Black Cat since I finally stopped putting it off~.

There's this guy that comes in here all the time to look at knives, rifles and just now he checked on a night vision thing we have in one of the cases. I always like to imagine that he's buying this stuff so he can go hunting for people. He looks like a normal guy, but who knows what he's really out there doing. +_+


Hurhurhur. Yeah, nap is probably not happening after work. FAIL. If I weren't worried about retarded little shits coming by and ruining the decorations that my mom just finished working on, I totally would have refused to stop by. I think it's time to break out the energy drink. +_+_+_+_+




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