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Involuntary twitching of the hand is not my idea of fun.  Not being able to control the computer mouse is not fun.  Having to type each word more than once is not fun either.  I have a feeling this has to do with the fact that I tried to pop my neck earlier and all of a sudden tears were streaming down my face it hurt so bad.  Freaked my mom out pretty good just to see me frozen there, clutching at the side of my neck and crying.

Motor function =/= mother function.  And amusing as that near typo was, I really hope this clears up by the morning.  There's no way I can drive with things like this and there's a lot of stuff I really want to do.

Here's to hoping?

At least the rest of the day was good, that's something to be said.  Perhaps I'll get the chance to write more tomorrow, who knows.


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