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Ffff. It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to use the credit card for some things during the trip. I still have to pay part of the credit card before the tenth, pay for my student loan and half of the deductible for the damage to the truck from the last trip. I mean, I can do it and I think most of the money I get from the next check could pay for trip and fun stuff.

We'll see. I think I'll wait until the last possible minute to pay for the card, that way I can hold onto some of this from the last two checks. That way I'm only out 180 for the loan and the deductible.

Three days off and hopefully next week things will be a little back to normal? I don't mind the gift shop, it's more the cut in hours I'm upset about.

Other than that, things are feeling pretty awesome right now. No one is really bugging me too much and I'm generally happy despite being sick. It's definitely nice feeling this way. Definitely, definitely~


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