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So glad this week is over. Now just to see if I can feel better over the weekend now. It's been nausea and headaches and all manner of other things. Blah blah blah blah.

Finished the final touches to game stuff, so have an ad under the cut. If anyone is interested we're taking reserves and applications now, if you know someone that might be interested feel free to pass the advert along.



And have some pokemon too.

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Hahaha. I opened this window a long time ago and totally forgot what I was going to write about.


Have some pokemon instead. Yes. My hands are too cold and lame, so I don't want to type more right now anyway.

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I had something to say and then I lost it.

Have some pokemon instead.

I feel hungry. Work was work and I drew ugly pictures all day. I somehow feel accomplished.
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Yesterday felt so rushed and today is just creeping along. IT CAN BE TOMORROW MORNING ALREADY, FFFFFF.

Still waiting on my haircut, which is lame but oh well. Thirty minutes, just another thirty minutes before I can call again to check and see if the guy is in or not. And if he's not...then I'm just going to have someone else do it despite my better judgment.

sdlkfj, I'm so tired right now but I can't nap because if I nap I'll never get to sleep early enough to get up in the morning. Flight leaves at 7:15, so we need to leave here around 5:45 which means I need to be up at 5:00. Why I chose the early flight, idefk.

I like the purple and blue pattern that I didn't even mean to do. It makes me happy. :c
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I probably shouldn't name my pokemon when feeling sleep deprived.

That's all I've got for you. I could complain about work and how no one else works as hard as I do, but it wouldn't really do me any good and I'm really tired. Maybe a nap, we'll see.


Oh god, my legs hurt so bad. Not a good sign when they're throbbing like this and I can hardly walk, it's usually a sign of a cold or the onset of flu. Not cool, body, not cool. Nevermind the fact that I've been battling the stuffy nose all day and the weird tickle in my throat, but you had to add this too? THANKS, ASSHOLE. B|
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So I've been looking for something to snack on/eat for a couple of hours.

I finally decided that pancakes would be good, but then I didn't really want to make them.

In the end the urge was too great and I just shoved the bowl with the mix in the microwave.

Lazy pancakes. Or rather...pancake?

It had sprinkles and I feel very accomplished and very full. :|

That's all I have. Enjoy some pokemon. :|

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I'm sure I had stuff to write about.

Work was good, save for the fact that the meeting this morning revealed that we're going to have a child oriented section in the produce department to 'get kids excited about food'. I seem to recall being very excited about food when I was little, so I don't see how this is something that will actually serve any purpose other than giving me a headache. I already know how it's going to turn out. People will be like OH HEY CUTE THINGS FOR KIDS! Then they'll tell their kids to stay put and play and then just wander off.

The customer service desk will become a joyless place because it'll be like working in a damn daycare.

Have I mentioned that I hate kids? I probably have. And if I haven't, then I hate kids. Now you know.

My elbow still hurts a lot, I forgot to take my bandage with me to wrap it today and then in the ultimate move of intelligence I lifted heavy boxes because I didn't want to wait for someone to get them out of my way. YAY ME! 

Thinking about games and apps and stuff and trying to come up with more plans and wonders and cucumbers and shit and blah blah blah. My arm hurts. I need to take something for it and lay down. So...totally shutting up now. :|

Also YAY ARTICUNO. Trying for Cresselia next. +_+


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I've got nothing for you guys today. :| 

It was a day. More crap about shopping carts BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Here, have some pokemon to look at while I go take a nap and pretend I'm not in excruciating pain.

Supersaurus Rex is so close to level 100. HE CAN ALMOST TASTE IT.
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I did absolutely nothing today but watch movies, play pokemon and make frosted sugar cookies.

I feel awesome.

Got all of my reservations for October done too, so that's just one less thing to worry about.

So. Laaaaaazy.

Getting up for work tomorrow is going to be hell. :| 

Fought for like a bajillion hours last night to get a Feebas. Now I just need the blue scarf from the PP shop.

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Today was so much better than yesterday, at least I didn't feel like I was going to have an asthma attack again. Still some stomach pain, but nothing that I couldn't manage to work through.

Bought some delicious butterscotch shortbread cookies at work today and shared quite a few with people, I may get another box tomorrow if we have them. They were a lot more yummy than I thought they would be.

I just have to make it two more days this week, that's all. And then I'm going to gear up for a really awesome weekend. And month. I refuse to let anything spoil this for me.

Also. Pokemon. Man, I really do hate that I signed up for this. I swear I refresh the page over and over again. I got stuck for a long time, but I think I've got it under control now. I still want more fabulous pokemon though. :|

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Next goal? To fill it with as many fabulous and functional looking things as possible!


Been marathoning Doctor Who, by tonight I'll be all caught up and I'll probably have gone back and watched some of my favourites again. Though, I have a lot of the serials that I haven't watched in a long time sitting on my instamovies queue, so maybe I'll start one of those. +_+ WE'LL SEE.
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Sometimes I wonder why I let myself sign up for these things. :| I swear I just can't resist.

In other news tomorrow is finally Friday and I'm hoping that it won't be as bad as tonight has been. Punishment is working full force and I feel like I've been hit by a truck I'm so exhausted. I've been having really weird dreams too, but I can only remember snippets by the time that I actually wake up.

This weekend is probably going to be full of cleaning and preparation for next week, I'm really just getting more and more excited about everything. Such plans and wonderful things to look forward to~ *^*
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gd you, [livejournal.com profile] kaji_ongaku! B|


In other news the day is getting better.

But then, I'm also getting steak for dinner. B|
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Watching movies all day and playing Pokemon. Fun times. |D  Now I bring you another brilliant conversation...

Keep in mind that I was playing a game and not really paying attention. OKAY. D:

Mom: You know...I don't really understand that...
Me: Understand what?
Mom: That guy.  The one that was walking around and pointing a camera up women's skirts.
Me: Um, to see their underwear. Duh. :|
Mom: Why doesn't he just go look in the store? You can see plenty there...
Me: Well, it doesn't look the same on a hanger does it? He wants to see it on them, I guess...
Mom: I'm still not sure I get it...
Me: Maybe you have to be some sort of pervert to really understand it... -shrug-
Mom: ........
Me: .........
Mom: You seem to get it pretty well...
Me: ......... :|
Mom: You walked right into that one. >:D

She really does crack me up sometimes. Hur. Now I'm going back to playing my game and consider making some guacamole. Amazing.
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 waelkgwaeiog jewghwah.

I get the feeling that a long rant is coming up very soon. :c



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